10 Interesting Facts About Supa Crank It!

Supa Crank It is one the world’s rap and hip hop music producer, arranger and composer. His beats are so popular and was used from many many singers like Soulja Boy , J Money . But this is just a glimpse of all of his achievements. Today, we’re getting to know the American producer better with 10 super interesting facts.

  1. Did you know his real name is Mario Leon’trez Turman?!
  2. He decided to change his production name in 2009 so his supporters wouldn’t confuse him with other producers who had similar name.
  3. Supa Crank It produce any kind of music but his favourite style in music is Hop Hop Rnb and Rap music.
  4. To add to his talents, he’s skilled at boxing and martial arts (read: not to be messed with)
  5. His favourite drink is Vodka and the favourite food is sushi and something like Italian food.
  6. Supa Crank It started to play the piano when he was only 10 years old. So young and so talented
  7. In 2017 his profile on Beat Stars was selected like the second popular site with the 10/10 rate selling in Hip Hop RnB beats.
  8. His favorite track of this year is Post Malone – Rockstar
  9. Supa Crank It decided to follow his dream at the age of 14, after watching a documentary for the one of the worldwide rappers called 2 Pac.
  10. Reportedly, his net worth is ‎$23 million!


And that’s a wrap! Did you know they super cool facts about Supa Crank It? Also, if you had to pick one of his beats to play on repeat, which one would it be?