12-Year-Old Piano Prodigy Plays for Neighborhood Seniors – NBC Los Angeles

Every various other Friday at Waters Edge Lodge in Alameda, supper is complied with by an unique reward.

It’s not a treat for the citizens of the nursing home, yet it is something pleasant: a 12- year-old prodigy, Christopher Nguyen, on the piano.

“I enjoy making people happy,” Nguyen stated. “I enjoy putting a smile on people’s faces.”

Nguyen, whose tale is included in guide, “Unselfish Kids,” has actually been offering ahead as well as dip into the lodge virtually each week considering that he was 6 years of ages.

Nguyen’s moms and dads state they initially discovered his ability for songs the year prior to when, though having no music training, he would certainly call out what notes were appearing of the cars and truck radio. Nguyen’s moms and dads quickly rested him down before a piano.

“Yes, it was really amazing,” Nguyen’s mom, Maggie Hoang stated. “He was only 5 1/2, a little tiny, tiny little boy with tiny fingers. He was able to pick up music really quickly.”

It was his moms and dads that after that recommended Nguyen head over to the Lodge to play for the citizens. It was a massive hit with the seniors as well as the team.

“He’s a genius on the piano, he’s like a mini-Mozart,” David Ballerini, Director of Marketing for AEC Living stated. “He shreds.”

Nguyen gets here without any certain playlist in mind, simply selecting tracks as he goes, attracting from the thousands of timeless songs he has actually found out by heart.

“I gage my audience and then I just decide what to play next based on their mood. I look at their expressions,” Nguyen stated.

Nguyen’s having fun usually evokes smiles from the citizens yet in some cases rips too.

Sill, it ends up that it’s not simply the target market that obtains something from these volunteer performances. Nguyen confesses to being a little unpleasant when it pertains to engaging with other individuals. Communicating with songs, however, comes conveniently to him.

“Different instances, such as school, it’s hard for me to present in front of the class,” Nguyen stated. “Here, it’s comfortable for me to play piano.”

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