1,500 housing units destroyed by Israel in 2014 still to be rebuilt – Middle East Monitor

More than 1,500 housing units in the Gaza Strip haven’t yet been rebuilt since their destruction during the Israeli offensive on the coastal enclave in 2014, Palestinian MP Jamal Al-Khodari, head of the Popular Committee Against the Siege disclosed on Friday.

In a statement sent to media, Al-Khodari announced that the suffering of the residents whose domiciles were destroyed in 2014 is “complex” as they suffer with a lack of domiciles and from the consequences of the 14-year-long Israeli siege on Gaza.

Al-Khodari also added that more than 500 factories were seriously damaged during the Israeli offensive, noting that 85 per cent of those factories were: “Completely paralysed due to the retention of the Israeli siege.”

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“Despite the end of the Israeli offensive, its repercussions are still continuous,” he stated, noting that the situation in the Gaza Strip is “exceptional and tragic”.

He added that the owners of the factories destroyed during the Israeli offensives have still maybe not received compensation, which is paid only for residential buildings.

Al-Khodari pointed out that the outbreak of the coronavirus along with the continuous Israeli siege have “perpetuated the suffering” of the Palestinians in Gaza and “aggravated their tragedy.”

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