2018 repeat would have cost me Mercedes drive

Bottas failed to win a grand prix at 2018 as teammate Lewis Hamilton swept into the name, but set up a stronger fight this year and led the points early in a year he won four races.

Mercedes spent summer time months between the Finn and Esteban Ocon, that has since signed for Renault later Mercedes chose to continue with Bottas to get 2020.

Bottas informed Motorsport.com his enhanced form this season, which comprised a career-best second position at the tournament, was”very important” because of his livelihood as well as his psychological health.

“If I have had a similar period to 2018, I really don’t the group could have lasted with me,” he explained. “That is how Formula 1 functions.

“It is so crucial for me personally and for my overall well-being. I have had more fun between the races today, and sort of fell in love with the game, which I possibly lost a little bit near the end of this past year.

“I am actually enjoying the driving and it is this important season for me personally. I can thankfully say again I’ve many, many years old, and still with that exact same improvement.”

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Bottas completed on the podium in 15 of those 21 races this past season, a tally that will probably have been greater but for an accident in Germany, mistake in Hungary and motor failure in Brazil (which also influenced another race at Abu Dhabi).

This tally includes two successes from the second half of this season, in contrast to a gloomy end to 2018 where he finished fifth in the last four grands prix.

“I am definitely in a really different mindset in contrast to last year,” he confessed. “I had been counting down the times that the season is going to be finished, and I can get a way to get myself back together and begin new from .

“The past month of last year, that felt like a very long, long moment.”

Bottas’s attempts to return more powerful in 2019 contributed to remarks about’Bottas 2.0′ when the year began in Australia, particularly because he dominated the grand prix.

Though his motor failure disguised leads to Brazil and Abu Dhabi, Bottas considers his powerful form in the conclusion of the year will help his prep for next year too.

“It is nicer, and also a simpler way emotionally to begin the [next] season,” he explained. “I believe it is important to get good benefits, not just in the past couple of races.

“It is not 100% essential, since I understand that after a lousy year, you can begin a new season powerful.

“However, it’s only nicer, and also for the staff to understand I can work for the entire calendar year, on each and every race track, then they understand I’m definitely up for 2020.”

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