2019 ATP Awards: Tony Roche Honoured With Tim Gullikson Career Coach Award | ATP Tour

Tennis star Tony Roche not just enjoyed immense success throughout his playing career, but had a substantial effect on the game as a coach. His gifts as a mentor have resulted in his peers picking him as the primary recipient of the Tim Gullikson Career Coach celebrity at the 2019 ATP Awards.

The 74-year old Australian, who previously coached the likes of Roger Federer, Lleyton Hewitt, Patrick Rafter and Ivan Lendl, was unanimously selected as the winner of the new award. The receiver exemplifies leadership, excellence, respect, and a real love for the game of tennis as well as the art of training.

Named after the late Tim Gullikson, the award stipulates somebody who has inspired generations of players and fellow coaches to increase the game of tennis. It’ll be presented every 2 decades.

Ivan Lendl reflects the effect Tony Roche needed on his game in this interview.

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