205 Live Results: July 10, 2020

Mansoor def. Tehuti Miles

When he wasn't arguing with the authorities or arrogantly smirking into the cam,Miles was using a systematic rate and taking control with numerous stinging punches and an excessive neckbreaker.

Mansoor soaked up the penalty and struck back with an inverted atomic drop, a spinebuster and a customized neckbreaker to claw his method back into the battle.After one last flurry fromMiles,Mansoor raisedMiles above his head and almost drove his challenger through the canvas with an ingenious maneuver for the 1-2-3.


Santos Escobar def.OneyLorcan

NXTCruiserweightChampionSantosEscobar is welcomed by the crazedOney Lorcan in his in-ring205Live launching.Catch WWE action on WWE Network, FOX, U.S.A.Network,SonyIndia and more.


For the 2nd time in as lots of weeks, NXTCruiserweightChampionSantosEscobar,JoaquinWilde andRaulMendoza stood triumphantly over the almost stationary body of a vanquished opponent.

Sporting a plaster on his best elbow as an outcome of an injury sustained throughout an intense match versusTimothy Thatcher on NXT,(**************************************************************************************************************************************** )was at a visible downside right from the opening bell.His disorder was tested early in his bout versusEscobar, as a knife-edge slice fromLorcan toEscobar appeared to do more damage toThe BostonBrawler than it did to the NXTCruiserweightChampion, who simply chuckled after soaking up the blow.

“The Leader of Leaders” appeared to take twisted enjoy consistently stomping and damagingLorcan's bad elbow, however Lorcan changed on the fly by utilizing his left arm to provide his hallmark knife-edge chops and fighting through the discomfort to dropEscobar with a hit.

Even so,(******************************************************************************************************************************************************** )rapidly recuperated and plantedOney with aPhantomDriver to score the win.

Can anybody stopLegado delFantasma?