22-Year-Old ‘Damsel’ Offers… Something In Exchange For Legal Services

Well, this discussion will be interesting for a few intrepid young attorney.

In the guts of Craigslist comes with an… interesting advertisement. According to the copy, there is a young girl — or at the parlance of the advertisement, a 22-year-old”damsel” — needing a divorce. Now, that is a fairly standard motive to seek out a lawyer, though Craigslist isn’t the preferred approach to participate counsel. But things rather go off the rails as soon as it will become evident the poster can’t afford legal services. As opposed to search for lawyers willing to work at no cost, she appears to wish to avail herself of this barter system.

What exactly she is prepared to exchange will be left up to your creativity, but it definitely looks like she is looking for an expert boner lawyer.

I shudder to consider the legal integrity of any lawyer who might take up this woman on what she really clearly appears to be offering.

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