5 reasons Vikings can win with Kirk Cousins in 2020

Mandatory Credit: Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Kirk Cousins takes a large amount of criticism, but he’s still a good enough quarterback to lead the Vikings on a lengthy postseason run next year.

Vikings fans hoping for Kirk Cousins to suddenly grow into the best quarterback in the NFL are destined for disappointment. He’s never likely to be a transcendent player under center. That does not mean he isn’t capable of leading the Vikings to an excellent season in 2020.

It’s safe to classify Cousins as a slightly above-average starting quarterback now in his career. He isn’t likely to massively elevate the players around him, but that he can make almost every throw required of a top-flight signal-caller. In other words, he can do a large amount of damage with the quality number of talent the Vikings have amassed on the offensive side of the ball.

It’s easy to criticize Cousins for what that he can’t do, but turning your focus on what he’s capable of should give Minnesota fans plenty of optimism. Here are five reasons why Cousins can lead the Vikings to the promised land in 2020.

Why the Vikings can win with Kirk Cousins

5. Mike Zimmer knows his strengths and weaknesses

Zimmer might not be an offensive guru, but he truly knows Cousins inside and out now in their relationship. He’s not likely to put his quarterback in to positions where he can’t be successful.

That may possibly frustrate Vikings fans who wish to see the team’s offense opened, but it can help Cousins play efficient football. Quarterbacks who complete only a shade under 70 per cent of their passes with a touchdown to interception ratio of 3:1 have a solid habit of leading their respective teams to lots of wins. Zimmer isn’t going to ask Cousins to go far outside his comfort zone and that’s very good news for Minnesota’s chances of winning the NFC North.