5 teams that should call Vikings about Dalvin Cook

Minnesota Vikings running back Dalvin Cook is claiming a brand-new offer.

Earlier this offseason, the Minnesota Vikings delivered super star pass receiver Stefon Diggs to the BuffaloBills Now, the group might be confronted with needing to trade Dalvin Cook, as one of the league’s most important running backs will not take part in offseason activities till Minnesota hands him a brand-new agreement.

The Vikings require to do whatever they can to keep a gamer who is vital to his group’s success, as Kirk Cousins can not weather the storm alone. Cook had 13 hurrying goals and over 1,600 lawns from skirmish in 2019, and that’s production lots of other teams in the NFL might utilize.

5 NFL teams that should call Vikings to trade for Dalvin Cook

Dalvin Cook to the Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills currently made a hit trade with the Minnesota Vikings, however they might utilize much more skill in their offense. Devin Singletary appears like Buffalo’s lead back for the 2020 season, and the 2019 third-round select of Florida Atlantic did appear well last season with more than 60 hurrying lawns per video game and over 5 lawns per bring.

Since they currently traded a lot of choices for Stefon Diggs and would likewise need to pay Cook an enormous quantity of cash after the trade, the Bills would require to trade thoroughly. But in an offense with Diggs and John Brown as speedsters for the strong-armed Josh Allen, Cook might be the piece that offers the Bills the AFC East.

This is the time for Buffalo to be strong, due to the fact that they can construct a juggernaut in that department. But they may not have a lot of time, given that the Miami Dolphins’ reconstruct is going swimmingly well so far.

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