6 Blended Learning Best Practices To Reduce Costs

Best Practices To Save Employee Training Costs With Blended Learning

Although a blended learning strategy promises many financial benefits over a one-size-fits-all strategy, poorly-designed blended learning can actually result in the opposite: more cost for an ineffective blended learning strategy!

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We came up with these 6 blended learning best practices in a bid to identify cost-effective strategies for the implementation of blended learning, after diving into journals, consulting with clients and industry experts, and digging into our own experience designing blended learning solutions.

1. Evaluate Learning Material For The Online Format

One of the first things to do when implementing blended learning is to take stock of all the learning material you have—ILT material, paper-based materials used as source material for ILT—and see which components you wish to move online. Taking stock of all the available material saves a lot of time and, therefore, money.

When you have a clear idea of…

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