6 Reasons why you should study in New Zealand

Want to stick out in the normal faculty student and experience something new, fascinating so amazing you’ll recall it for the remainder of your life? Then you should definitely be considering studying overseas. However, at which you ask? Well, I am here to let you know why New Zealand is where to go for a memorable study abroad experience.

It is freaking NZ

What more do I want to say besides it’s NEW ZEALAND! New Zealand has each remarkable slice of landscape and surroundings this planet can provide in its archipelago country. You know it’s great when Lord of Rings was filmed . But how can this influence the reason you need to study there? Well, you won’t ever get another opportunity to study someplace when at lunch you are going to be in a lecture, at the day by the sea and the following day you are going to be visiting a mountain!

It is another nation

You are likely sat there, eyebrows raised, uttering phrases along the lines of”yes Henry, we are aware that it’s another nation; we’re school students”. But that isn’t exactly what I mean. I mean you are going to be taking out yourself your comfort zone and also at a universe that feels more insular which may just be a fantastic thing. Finishing college with not just more understanding but also more comprehension of different cultures will set you apart from this ordinary college graduate!

Unbelievable institutions

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Ah yes, the little matter of the real studying. New Zealand has some fantastic colleges for many distinct regions of applications. If legislation or social sciences is the forte, then you’ve got the Victoria University of Wellington at the capital of the nation. Oh and if you would like to study somewhere you will never forget, then the University of the Otago at Dunedin is the one for you, with it being understood as one of the very picturesque schools on the planet. Obviously, there’s the University of Auckland also that is among the greatest 80 schools on earth! These and several other incredible colleges are reason why you ought to be heading down below to NZ to study overseas.

The extra-curricular

All of us know extra-curriculars compose a huge portion of your school experience and that is not any different in NZ. Obviously, there is the national sport of New Zealand that is rugby and there’s not any greater place to try out this great sport than in the house of the World Cup champions. However, if contact sports are not for you then why don’t you try some sailing or surfing which New Zealand is renowned for; I mean after all’Auckland’ really means the town of sails!

If sports aren’t your thing then do not worry, New Zealand is indeed full of culture and history you will have plenty to find to maneuver those hours off. The history of New Zealand, notably the history of the Maori is this a varied and intriguing story to detect, and New Zealand is quite good at encouraging learning about the Maori culture so that you may even obtain knowledge beyond the classroom.

And extra-curricular tasks at the summertime, all I shall say is that you can drink at 18 at New Zealand…

It is super chilled out

Yeah just trust me with this one. As somebody who’s been around NZ, it simply feels different to the rest of the Earth, and it is likely due to the Kiwis. The Kiwis are a few of the most down-to-earth men and women on the planet and will cause you to feel so welcome in their own country, so much so that you’ll likely feel as though it’s your nation at the time you need to leave.

Oh, also you can get it done for free…

Yeah, you heard me . Move Overseas is running a contest for a scholarship to study in New Zealand worth around $15,000 (that will cover your session ); and us lot at STA will cover your roundtrip into New Zealand, woo us! So badly, now you have heard why it is such an wonderful place to research, what are you waiting for? Time to use.


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