6 Washington Designers Making Dresses That May Solve Your Wardrobe Problems

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The lineup: Meghan Evans–business-casual clothes in regular and tall sizes.

Launched in: 2017.
Designer: Meghan Evans, 32.
Styles in: DC.
Why: The five-foot-ten former attorney struggled to find shirts and tops that match her:”There are only a few possibilities for shirts, dresses, and blazers that match women with longer torsos. I didn’t get into style simply to earn clothes except to address a personal issue.”

The lineup: Mimi Miller–classic bits with small, wearable cuts.

Launched in: 2015.
Designer: Mimi Miller, 26.
Styles in: Manassas.
Why: “There is a misconception that’small’ is frumpy. I aim to supply silhouettes which are more and looser while not sacrificing design. My dresses and dresses are a couple of inches above the ankle, an interval I believe is flattering. Everything has sleeves, as well as the cloths never call for a camisole or slide, one of my pet peeves.”

The lineup: Sun Gods–fusing bohemian styles using traditional African American prints.

Launched in: 2017.
Designer: LaShawn Kenley, 34.
Styles in: DC and Maryland.
Why:“I wanted a new that represented my civilization within an ethical and gorgeous manner, and to demonstrate a representation of brown and black girls who like the bohemian-chic way of life.”

The lineup: Kim Schalk–avant-garde clothing inspired by architecture and art.

Launched in: 2012.
Designer: Kim Schalk, 53.
Styles in: Alexandria.
Why: In nearby boutiques, she was not seeing the type of one-of-a-kind bits that spark her imagination. “My customers are often artistic-minded–most are architects. I really like construction: How do I create the maximum pared-down, many minimalist, many innovative? I could use blossom, geometry, and a great deal of trial and error”

The lineup: Zophia–made-to-measure pencil skirts and gowns.

Launched in: 2010.
Designer: Betsy Cohen, 33.
Designs in: Takoma Park.
Why: Cohen–who adored wearing clothes made by her grandma –provides custom clothes not just so customers receive a correct match but also to battle what she sees as the unsuccessful inventories of rapid fashion. Plus, she states,”it is that amazing experience of building a relationship with the individual which makes your clothes.”

The lineup: Virginia Dare Dress Co.–versatile dresses which are not trend-driven.

Launched in: 2016.
Designer: Rebekah Murray, 32.
Styles in: Leesburg.
Why: While employed as a travel wedding photographer,” Murray states,”I kept feeling a lack of the type of dress I desired to carry with me which was high quality, flattering and female, but easy enough to be worn different ways.”

This report appears in the December 2019 dilemma of Washingtonian.

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