8 Online Learning Tips And Strategies

How To Study Efficiently Online

Learning online is a skill one should adopt. According to research, not more than 5% of people who enroll in an online course actually finish it. This mostly happens due to the lack of motivation to complete the course. Hence to overcome this, here’s a list of 8 tips that I have learned while learning online from various sources like Coursera, Udacity, and Udemy.

1. Get A Friend To Study Along

Online learning can be boring and cumbersome. It’s better to gather 3-4 friends and form a study group. eLearning can be lonely sometimes and when you get stuck you are really stuck, having friends to work through problems with is critical. You can also find friends remotely and video chat instead of having in-person meetings. I used to do this with my peers through Slack channels.

2. Give Yourself Time To Finish Your First Class

It’s always better to start with just one class and set a deadline to finish that one. While learning online, you need to be more self-disciplined, though you can go at your own pace. Remember the first class is always the hardest as you are shifting completely to a different type of learning. So I always recommend to start with just a single class and try to finish it before moving…

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