A 6-year-old girl found a note at the grocery store with a surprise tucked inside

Daphne was walking with her mommy with a Raley’s Supermarket in Sacramento, when the regular journey became a memorable one.

Daphne’s mommy, Danica, idea the arbitrary notepad her little girl found simply laying on a rack was somebody’s grocery checklist. But she promptly recognized there was something else inside.

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“It was a note that said, ‘Whoever finds this, I love you,’ with a hundred dollar bill,” Danica informed CNN of the amazing discover. “I thought, ‘Could this be a fake?’ But I worked at a bank so I’ve seen counterfeits before and it looked real!”

Daphne, simply 6, really did not understood the quantity of cash she had simply found.

“To her a penny is the same as a $100 bill,” Danica claimed. “So I told her you found $100 and I told her that it was a lot of money.”

Danica confessed that she thought about maintaining it for herself– yet inevitably allow Daphne maintain the cash and also utilize it wherefore she desired.

As numerous youngsters of that age would certainly inform you, that might just indicate something.

Daphne took the $100 to the remarkable land of Build-a-Bear

Daphne used the $100 to buy two plush cats from Build-a-Bear.

“She’d have more fun with it. I would have just put it towards groceries. I don’t think I would have appreciated it to the level that she did,” Danica claimed. She purchased 2 luxurious felines and also called them both after her actual pet cat,Steamy She places them right into their jammies every evening and also puts them right into bed, her mom claimed.

Danica wishes this experience will certainly offer a better lesson forDaphne

“I hope it makes her think how her actions can affect other people and that even something small can make somebody happy,” Danica claimed.

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