A new generation of helmet camera – the Cambox Mkv3

The Cambox Mkv3 was designed particularly for motorsports and can be used with helmets and all sorts of visors.

Due to its patented Velcro fastening system, and also its own boomerang form, the Cambox is secured under the helmet visor and provides a unique and immersive perspective, perfect to interrogate and discuss all your races.

This fixing systems also supplies an unparalleled security level to the consumer. No mounts, no bolts, no screws are needed on the outside structure of the helmet.  Thus in case of an effect or a collision, your helmet retains its whole protective function unlike other traditional helmet cameras positioned upon the helmet. The Cambox ultra compact design enables it to be mild (just 40 g ) in order to not alter the helmet equilibrium.

Available in greater than 10 different colours, the Cambox Mkv3 may accommodate your racing equipment, auto, bicycle or group colours.The Cambox Mkv3 documents in Total HD 1080p. It’s compatible with micro SD cards of up to 64 Gb. Additionally, it incorporates two microphones that capture stereo audio for much more immersive movies. The Cambox Mkv3 includes its wifi antenna, and it may be manipulated and synchronized to a smartphone with the Cambox smartphone program (available at no cost on iOS & Android).

The Cambox smartphone program provides added attributes: 

  • Start, stop, pause recording out of the palms
  • hierarchical preview style in your phone screen to be able to correct video settings, lens angle
  • Replay and download the movies in the Cambox for your cellphone’s video gallery
  • Customize the camera configurations

The Cambox is the best present for all motorsports fans — find that the Christmas sales supply and discount advantage of around 40percent in your own Cambox Mkv3. 

Delivery is guaranteed before Christmas for orders placed prior to Friday 20th December!

Cambox Meca Mkv3

Cambox Meca Mkv3

Photo by: Cambox Vision

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