A woman almost got trampled when she tried to pet a moose in Colorado

In the video clip, fired by specialist digital photographer Anna Stonehouse, a woman strolls up to a moose alongside the roadway inBreckenridge She connects to touch it while all over her, individuals scream cautions to escape.

The moose reverses and also attempts to kick her.

“I thought I was going to witness her getting stomped to death!” Stonehouse created onFacebook

When the unknown woman lastly left the moose alone, it strayed over to a shrub to munch some fallen leaves in tranquility.

The woman gotten a ticket for bothering wild animals, according to the Colorado Parks and also Wildlife Twitter account.

“Oh, do we sound like a broken record? Sorry but we’re not sorry. LEAVE WILDLIFE WILD. DO NOT FEED OR PET,” the company created.

That support is specifically crucial when it comes to moose.

“Each year, more people are attacked by moose than by any other species of wildlife,” District Wildlife Manager Elissa Slezak claimed in a video clip on the Colorado Parks and also Wildlife web site.
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The firm discussed that interested moose typically check out hill communities and also suburban areas inColorado While various other pets usually escape when people technique, moose will certainly stand their ground and also fee if they really feel intimidated.

Especially if people obtain in the means of a crispy treat.

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