Advanced stats back Alexander Mattison for big second year with Vikings

Dalvin Cook has gotten all the attention, but yet another Minnesota running back can’t be ignored.

On the precipice of his 22nd birthday and with just one NFL season under his belt, Alexander Mattison is not even close to a household name. Such is life in the ruthless NFC North playing behind a franchise running back like Dalvin Cook. But a closer look at only what Mattison did in his rookie campaign with the Vikings suggests that big things could possibly be in store quickly.

When it involves breaking off big plays, this young Viking is among the NFL’s upper crust.

Vikings running back Alexander Mattison gained over 42 % of his rushing yards in 2019 on plays of 15 yards or maybe more, per PFF, the highest rate in the NFL

Sure, even the fundamental counting stats were kind to Mattison in 2019; 100 carries for 462 yards is really a fine start for a third-round choose of Boise State who clocked only 4.67-second 40-yard dash at the Combine, but we lean on Pro Football Focus to read involving the lines. In the case of the sturdy Southern California indigenous, that awry gaze shows that he has every chance to form the NFL’s most dangerous running back tandem along with Cook.

In fact, if Cook can’t have the gigantic, possibly outlandish contract extension that he wants, you do not be crazy to claim that Mattison may be the next James Conner and make a proud fan base just forget about a departed franchise back in record time.

We should really be careful to not get before ourselves, but having a big-play running back could be the perfect equalizer — just ask the Patriots and Ravens, who had big dreams derailed last season in the playoffs due to Derrick Henry. And while Mattison might not have exactly the same trophy case as the bruising Titan, that he still stands to be a big, big problem for Minnesota’s rivals eventually.