AFC uniforms from worst to best

The AFC is filled with ageless uniforms, as well as our NFL power positions damage them down.


Jacksonville Jaguars

If you have absolutely nothing great to claim, do not claim it in any way. We’re proceeding.


Tennessee Titans

Tennessee’s logo design has actually constantly been a miss out on, as well as heaven headgear is simply much way too much of one shade.


Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals have a load taking place. They have actually either been extremely boring “BENGALS” or they’re using 100 red stripes of differing dimensions.


New England Patriots

New England customized its attire this springtime. Frankly, if Pat Patriot isn’t entailed, miss us with it.


Miami Dolphins

Get back to the ’80 s appearance with DanMarino Hell, provide us a Miami Vice alternating with some brilliant pink tones.


New York Jets

The current overhaul was a downgrade, yet the eco-friendly as well as white is a strong plan. It’s the conserving elegance right here.


Houston Texans

The shades are excellent. Other than that, absolutely nothing excellent or negative to claim right here. Bland.


Denver Broncos

The existing losers are great, yet the 1980 s-era uniforms were ideal. Bring back the old headgear logo design, please.


Baltimore Ravens

Baltimore has greatly had the very same try to find the past 20 years, as well as it’s an excellent one. Nothing amazing concerning it, yet the attire is smooth.


Buffalo Bills

Going to the white headgears was the ideal telephone call. Now, we obtain the “standing buffalo,” as well as this ranking shoots in the direction of the top.


Cleveland Browns

The Browns returning to a basic attire is the ideal play. The last model was much also active. It basically attempted also tough.


Indianapolis Colts

The Colts modified their uniforms this springtime as well as included a brand-new wordmark, yet it’s a wonderful, ageless attire from Baltimore to Indianapolis.


Kansas City Chiefs

Another group that hasn’t transformed anything. The Chiefs have a wonderful color pattern as well as a superb logo design. It’s a best collection.


Pittsburgh Steelers

Between the shades, logo design as well as background behind it, the Steelers have an attire they must never ever transform.


Las Vegas Raiders

The silver as well as black is a timeless package. Oakland, Los Angeles or Las Vegas, it takes a trip wonderfully.


Los Angeles Chargers

Just an extraordinary attire. The current upgrade fires the Chargers to the top of this checklist. Powder blue permanently.

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