Akbar Nawas wants to develop ‘thinking footballers’ at Chennai City FC

Building smart gamers to respond to the vibrant scenario that a video game provides is exactly how the Singaporean would certainly specify his ideology in one line

Chennai City FC head trainer Akbar Nawas tasted success in his extremely initial period with the club by raising the 2018-19 I-League title – the very first for a club from the state of Tamil Nadu and also one to keep in mind.

The previous Singapore young people global included in a webinar ‘My mentoring ideology’ held by the club on Saturday where he exposed the details of his design of mentoring.

He likewise mentioned demand to develop gamers that are smart and also respond well to game-situations.

“When you see your player doing something during training you may think if they can do it in a game. So developing thinking footballers was part of the philosophy that me and my team of coaches were deeply fixated upon,” mentioned the 44- year-old.

“The main part of this philosophy is to build players to react to the dynamic situation that the game presents. We want to expose our players to situations so that they become good enough to make better decisions under pressure,” he included.

Nawas attributed previous young people growth and also aide Jordi Gris Vila for instilling the mentoring ideology and also assisting in the searching of the immigrants that played an important function in their initial champion.

In what is an uncommon circumstances of a head trainer finding out more from his aide, Nawaz mentioned that he formed his mentoring ideology from his communications with Vila.

“Jordi Gris Vila was a great influence in shaping me as a coach. He, in fact, shared with me all the nuances of this philosophy. Without him sharing with me all that he knows, I don’t think I would have carried on with such belief, conviction and commitment towards this cause because for this philosophy, you really need to be brave and I was lucky enough to meet such a person and to be guided by him.”

Following Vila’s step to New York City FC, the Chennai City trainer waged K. Balagumaran, a person he understood from his days inSingapore And according to Nawas, the idea of club proprietor Rohit Ramesh has actually likewise played an important impact in the success they have actually attained with the ideology.

“Credit to my friend Jordi and owner Ramesh – Without these two influences, it would have been very difficult for a coach like me to be brave enough to go to a league in another country. To have assistant coach Bala was also important,” he recognized.

He proceeded, “This philosophy can take a long time – three to four years or even more than five years. The whole season may be spent only on developing possession. After Jordi left, I remember we were bemused with players running all over the place in the first session. That is where doubts came in, whether we could play (continue with) this philosophy but then we decided to go on. It was a learning curve.”

Nawas remembered the video game versus Bahraini side Al Riffa in the 2020 AFC Champions League qualifiers previously this year where they dropped 1-0. He discussed that regardless of their loss, he delighted in to have actually seen some dazzling flow of play from his gamers.

“It would actually be a disappointment to my players if I stop them from playing with this philosophy against a top team because you never know if you can do it or not. We lost 1-0 (against Al Riffa) but we built up 26 times from their pressing. We invited them to press and after 15 minutes Al Riffa decided to sit back. That was the respect we got,” he remembered.

“Tears rolled down my eyes, not because we lost, because of the joy that I had that we could play like this – especially the local players – in this magnitude of a game.”

EMBED ONLY Akbar Nawas My coaching philosophy

Chennai City ended up 7th in the last I-League period that had to be wrapped up with 4 suits to extra therefore the scare of the Coronavirus pandemic, however Nawas looks ahead to an operate in development.

“This period, since we really did not win the champion, does not imply that we are not excellent. Whatever incorrect we do this period can make us far better (following period).

In truth, this period, I found out more as an instructor as contrasted to the previous period. If you incorporate the excellent and also the poor from the very first 2 periods, what you can do in the 3rd period is a never ever finishing ideology. I do not have a certain time-frame but also for me it’s constantly an operate in development,” he discussed.

And when it comes to encouraging the followers, he yielded, “The only way to convince a fan is to show results and we were blessed that the results came out. We were very focused on the process and we were lucky enough to get the outcome as well. Personally, I believe that you need to have this process to get this outcome. Without this process, you could have the outcome but it could be short term.”

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