Alec Baldwin Suggests Coronavirus Is A Good Thing Because It’s Helping The Environment

Hollywood star Alec Baldwin simply went across the line in a horrible means when he recommended that the coronavirus pandemic that has actually eliminated numerous countless individuals throughout the globe is in fact a good idea because it is helping the environment.

Late Wednesday evening, Baldwin took it upon himself to make use of the COVID-19 pandemic to sustain his substantially leftwing ecological schedule, presuming regarding call it “God’s best hope for environmental stewardship.”

“This crisis may reveal some unintended consequences,” Baldwin composed. “Many may remain working at home, thus reducing traffic and eliminating the need for superfluous office space. Some manufacturing may cease and never return for a variety of things we don’t really need.”

“The airline industry may contract. Which is not a bad thing as the environment is concerned,” he included. “The Coronavirus May be God’s best hope for environmental stewardship.”

This simply mosts likely to reveal that liberals will certainly do definitely anything to press their extreme programs. They have not a problem with numerous countless human lives being shed if it suggests that their priceless environment winds up being assisted.

Baldwin isn’t the only celebrity that has actually been stating coronavirus benefits the environment. Last week, the vocalist Cher tweeted out that the globe “is breathing easier because we’ve stopped assaulting it.”

British star Idris Elba also informed Oprah Winfrey that the pandemic is Earth’s reaction to all the damages human beings have actually apparently triggered to it.

“Our world has been taking a kicking. We’ve damaged our world and, you know, it’s no surprise that our world is reacting to the human race,” he stated.

What these celebrities are stating is definitely despicable, as there is absolutely nothing good regarding coronavirus. Countless lives are being shed, and also our economic climate has actually been damaged, so currently is not the moment to toss success celebrations over the environment being assisted.

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