American ‘sockpuppets’ blamed for floods of RACISM that prompt nightly shutdown of Reddit Ireland page — RT World News

An endless stream of racist posts, most likely originating from ‘sockpuppet’ American accounts, has actually overwhelmed the mediators of the Reddit Ireland page, triggering a nightly shutdown to permit everybody to get some rest.

Moderators of the popular page, which has more than 280,000 members, stated they have actually reached “breaking point” after floods of racist material was published in current days. In a quote to “stem the flow” of racist product, they have actually chosen to shut the page in between midnight and 8am Irish time every day.

In a post describing the brand-new policy, the mediators stated that a wide range of accounts with incorrect identities are spamming the page with racist or despiteful remarks and they are usually publishing in American hours. They are then utilizing various accounts to share their posts in “hate-focused” subreddits in order to increase their appeal.

The mediators stated they were at a “lost cause” attempting to tidy up “hate-filled messes” that were triggered by inactiveness on the part of Reddit’s administrators. The page is trying to employ mediators based in various time zones and include filters that can identify posts “hateful” remarks.

“While the vast majority of hateful comments submitted over the past while have been solely directed towards someone’s skin colour, we are noting now that this automod filter list will include common phrases used against Traveller communities, and any other minority groups which we have found to have been of target by these accounts in the past,” the post stated.

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