An Introduction to Hiring Freelance Web Developers —

Hiring freelance web developers is often an arduous task requiring Herculean stamina and immeasurable patience. It’s often a complex process, and with a limited supply of talented web developers available for hire, it’s often rife with mistakes.

Freelance web developers of every skill level are always in the running for a new project and are always willing to join a team so it is up to the hiring manager to fund the perfect fit.

Any hiring manager or executive worth their salt knows that to hire effectively you have to hire with the entire team in mind. It doesn’t matter if your company has an endless supply of top talent if they cannot work together or cooperate. 

5 Tips When Hiring Freelance Web Developers:

1. Get Personal

First, find out why they picked your company and then evaluate their response to find any cultural relevance to your current team. 

Your candidate may not enjoy working in pairs or may not believe in iterative development for whatever reason. These seemingly small things can be the deal-breakers that determine if your prospect is the best first for the job. 

To limit how much time you spend interviewing, you should commit yourself to a personable interview style. Rather than rigidly technical or perilously informal, you should take a measured approach. 

2. Leverage Pseudocode

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