Apple HomePod: Everything to Know Before Buying in India

Apple brought its Home Pod clever speaker to India last month– over 2 years after its launching in the United States, UK, and Australia in February2018 The Home Pod is developed as Apple’s response to the Amazon Echo and Google Nest series of clever speakers. However, similar to numerous other Apple gadgets, it is not implied for everybody and is targeted at a specific niche audience. The clever speaker by Apple is based around the business’s Siri voice assistant, which lets you utilize voice commands to carry out specific jobs and play music. It includes a range of microphones to spot your voice from any part of a space. There are likewise several speakers to provide a room-filling audio experience.

The Apple Home Pod formally brings a price ofRs 19,900 inIndia This is lower than the $299 (approximatelyRs 22,600) rate presently relevant in the United States, though it’s frequently marked down now. The India rate of the Home Pod puts it right up versus the Amazon Echo Studio, which was released in 2015 atRs 22,999 So how great is the Home Pod when it comes to the clever speaker experience? Also, is it an accessory worth purchasing for Apple fans in India– if not for all audiophiles? Read on to get the answer to all these and numerous other concerns you may have about the Home Pod.

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Apple Home Pod is readily available in India with a price ofRs 19,900

Apple Home Pod style and specs

Before getting much deeper into the experience, let’s have a look at the style and specs of the Apple Home Pod. The gadget is as perfectly crafted as any other Apple item and can discreetly mix in with any part of your house. Its round shape and mesh material covering make it appear like an appealing piece of hardware even when not in usage. Moreover, the speaker is 172 mm high and 142 mm broad, which lets you position it on table, rack, or TELEVISION stand in your living-room or bed room.

The Home Pod weighs 2.5 kg which is lighter than the 3.86 kg EchoStudio Of course, you will not be bring the Home Pod around much after discovering an appropriate area to position itin The base has a rubbery surface that assists keep the speaker firmly in location.

As for specs, the Home Pod utilizes Apple’s A8 processor, established for the iPhone 6, to run everything consisting of Siri reactions. There’s a range of 7 tweeters, each with its own amplifier, and a high-excursion woofer with a 20 mm diaphragm. There are likewise 6 microphones positioned such that they can get your voice commands from any instructions. A touch-sensitive panel on the top of the speaker is utilized to control everything. The Home Pod utilizes Wi-Fi 802.1 air conditioning and Bluetooth 5 for connection.

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Apple Home Pod includes a touch-sensitive panel on the top

We’ve been evaluating the Apple Home Pod for over 2 weeks to comprehend its essential benefits and drawbacks from the viewpoint of an Indian purchaser, so here are the responses to some typical concerns.

Are there any distinctions in between the Apple Home Pod released in India and what’s readily available in the United States?

Apple hasn’t made any significant modifications to the Home Pod offered in India compared to what was at first released in the United States. However, if you’re very watchful, you will see that the India variation does not have a braided power cable television. When we contacted Apple, the business might not validate a factor for this.

How long does it take to established the Home Pod?

Setup just takes a number of minutes. All you require is to plug your Home Pod into a power socket and after that bring a suitable iPhone or iPad close to it. The Home Pod will acknowledge it and copy your Apple ID information and choices over instantly. You’ll get on-screen triggers that you require to tap one-by-one to total the setup procedure. It’s even simpler than establishing a clever TELEVISION, and is comparable to how you get going with any current brand-new Apple item. The setup procedure for the Home Pod is far much better than what you’ll get with an Amazon Echo or Google Nest gadget.

apple homepod setup screen gadgets 360 Apple HomePod HomePod Apple

Apple Home Pod offers a simple setup to iPhone users

Do I require to make any modifications to optimise the audio experience on the Home Pod?

No, you do not require to do anything after establishing your Home Pod. It utilizes its microphones to instantly pick up the measurements of your space and its relative position, and will utilize this to provide you an optimum noise. Apple calls this “Spatial Awareness.” We were able to take pleasure in a room-filling noise experience in a 15 x10- foot space, with calming lows and mids in addition to crisp highs. However, you do not get an adjustable equaliser to modify the sound profile based on your choices. You can by hand change EQ settings in the Apple Music app or whatever other music app or source gadget that you utilize with the Home Pod, however.

Do I require to go close to the Home Pod for it to comprehend my commands?

Apple has actually supplied effective sufficient microphones that do not need you to come extremely close to the Home Pod to speak to Siri or manage your music. While Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant on our Amazon Echo and Google Nest gadgets would in some cases stop working to comprehend what we were stating when standing in various parts of our space, due to ambient sound and music that was playing from a TELEVISION in the very same space, we discovered that the Home Pod was able to catch the majority of our commands with no visible hold-up.

Will the Home Pod comprehend my accent?

Yes, Siri has actually been trained to comprehend what individuals state in basic English, even with an Indian accent. We asked several individuals of various age to attempt utilizing Siri, and the outcomes were appropriate for all of them.

Does the Home Pod work just with Apple gadgets or can it be linked to an Android phone too?

You require an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to established your Home Pod. The list of suitable designs consists of the iPhone fives and later on, all iPad Pros, iPad (5th generation), iPad Air and later on, iPad mini 2 and later on, and iPod touch (sixth generation). The gadget that you’re getting in touch with your Home Pod likewise requires to perform at least iOS 13.3.1. Once linked and set up, you can play audio tracks from your clever TELEVISION or MacBook through Air Play. There’s no main assistance for Android users, however. You can not utilize Bluetooth to set laptop computers, smart devices, or other source gadgets, and there are no physical inputs.

Is an Apple Music membership required to play music on the Home Pod?

The Home Pod needs an Apple Music membership for you to be able to utilize its complete music performance. This suggests that you can’t ask Siri to stream your preferred music tracks if you do not have AppleMusic At least that’s now readily available atRs 99 a month, and Apple states its collection consists of over 60 million tunes and 10s of countless playlists. You can likewise utilize Air Play to stream music saved in your regional Apple Music library, or from apps such as Amazon Prime Music, Spotify, or You Tube Music on a suitable gadget. You can likewise ask Siri on your Home Pod to play music saved in your public library.

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Apple Home Pod needs an Apple Music membership to provide you a full-fledged experience

Can I play tunes from a third-party app such as Amazon Prime Music, Gaana, Spotify, or You Tube Music on the Home Pod?

Yes, you can play tunes from any third-party app, however just through Air Play. You can’t ask Siri to play your preferred music from a third-party app. This suggests that if you desire to utilize voice commands to play a specific track, you will have to usage AppleMusic This differs from how you can play music straight from third-party apps consisting of Amazon Prime Music, Gaana, JioSaavn, Spotify, and You Tube Music on an Amazon Echo or Google Nest speaker. Even Siri on the iPhone lets you play music from third-party apps.

Does Siri on the Home Pod comprehend Hindi?

No, Siri does not comprehend any Indic language consisting of Hindi yet. With the iOS 13.3.1 upgrade in late January, Apple presented assistance for Indian English Siri voices on the Home Pod. There is no word on when or whether Hindi assistance will be included. You needs to choose an Amazon Echo or a Google Nest if you would choose to usage Hindi commands. However, the Home Pod does presently assistance Cantonese, French, German, Mandarin, and Spanish.

Can I ask the Home Pod to play a folk or local tune?

The Home Pod, through its Siri combination and Apple Music assistance, can properly acknowledging the names of numerous popular Indian albums, tunes, and vocalists. We prospered in asking Siri on the Home Pod to play numerous Hindi, Kannada, Marathi, and Punjabi tunes. It was likewise able to comprehend vocalist names such as Bir Singh, Dijit Dosanjh, Nimrat Khaira, Shreya Ghoshal, SP Balasubrahmanyam, Tarsem Jassar, and PBSreenivas Similarly, we succeeded when asking it to play tracks consisting of Awara Hoon, Baapu Tere Karke, Ivan Yaara Magano, and Phire Elam Dure Giye.

Does the Home Pod permit managing music with voice commands?

Yes, you can ask your Home Pod to go forwards or in reverse, and time out or play a tune utilizing your voice commands. You can likewise change the volume by informing Siri on the Home Pod what you desire.

Can I manage music by hand too?

The touch panel on the Home Pod lets you manage your music by hand. There are volume buttons that appear when you’re playing a tune or talking to somebody on a call. You can tap the panel to time out or play a track, double-tap to go to the next track, and triple-tap to go to the previous track.

apple homepod volume controls gadgets 360 Apple HomePod HomePod Apple

Apple Home Pod offers manual volume controls while playing an audio

Can the Home Pod be utilized as a clever voice assistant, and can it respond to daily family concerns?

Yes, you can ask Siri on your Home Pod about the present weather condition, neighboring locations, or any basic understanding concerns that you may have. It utilizes the Internet to supply responses to the majority of your concerns immediately.

Can I ask the Home Pod to set an alarm or a pointer?

Yes, you can ask Siri on the Home Pod to set an alarm or timer. You can likewise set a pointer for a particular job after making it possible for the Personal Requests choice utilizing the Home app on your iPhone or iPad.

Does the Home Pod assistance contextual replies?

Siri does support contextual replies, which suggests you can ask follow-up concerns to some level based upon the responses to a previous concern. The function is presently rather minimal in scope, however.

Does the Home Pod permit me to send out or get messages?

You can definitely ask Siri on your Home Pod to send out a message or read what you have actually gotten. To send out a brand-new message, all you require to do is state, “Hey Siri, send out a message to [contact name].” You can then speak your message. After that, Siri will ask you if you’re prepared to send it to your contact. The Home Pod likewise lets you hear your messages read out to you. However, it does not supply any informs when you get a brand-new message. In addition to text, Siri on the Home Pod likewise deals with third-party apps consisting of Skype for iPhone and WhatsApp.

Can I make call utilizing the Home Pod?

Yes, you can ask Siri on your Home Pod to make a call for you. You can likewise address your calls straight on the Home Pod, and you can look for missed out on contact your phone. Further, you can ask Siri to play your newest voicemail. It is, nevertheless, essential to emphasize that the Home Pod does not make any noise when a call comes in, similar to you do not get alerted of any brand-new messages unless you currently have your phone on you. Also, you will not be able to utilize an Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS) that needs keypad input from your side.

Does the Home Pod supply notice informs?

No, similar to with messages and call, the Home Pod does not support iPhone system audio. This suggests that if you get an e-mail or message on an app such as Slack or WhatsApp on your iPhone, you will not get its notice alert from your Home Pod.

Can the Home Pod be linked to a gadget utilizing a wired connection?

No, Apple hasn’t supplied any ports– not even a 3.5 mm audio input– to let you plug anything into the Home Pod utilizing a cable television.

Can I link to the Home Pod through Bluetooth?

Apple has actually supplied Bluetooth connection on the Home Pod, however that’s minimal to its exclusive functions. This suggests that you can not utilize the Home Pod as a Bluetooth speaker.

Can the Home Pod be utilized to control clever gadgets?

Apple has actually incorporated Home Package assistance into the Home Pod to let you manage supported clever lights, switches, fans, and sensing units utilizing voice commands. You can likewise establish regimens through the Shortcuts app on your iPhone or iPad to let the Home Pod carry out series of actions instantly. That stated, the list of Home Kit-supported gadgets is restricted when relative to clever gadgets that support Alexa and Google Assistant.

Can I get rid of or change the Home Pod’s power cable television?

The cable television readily available with the Home Pod is not formally detachable, however there are some stories on the Web that explain methods to eliminate it. We do not advise you to do so as this will void your authorities service warranty. You will require to go to an Apple service centre if you have any problem with the cable television.

Is there a method to established several users on the Home Pod?

Apple has actually provided a Home Pod multiuser choice in specific markets that lets users establish the speaker as a household gadget, and enables Siri to personalise experiences for up to 6 users. However, this function isn’t yet readily available in India when utilizing the “English (India)” language setting.

apple homepod multi user setting gadgets 360 Apple HomePod HomePod Apple

Apple Home Pod has a multiuser choice, however it’s yet to be readily available for Indian users

Can I avoid Siri on the Home Pod from listening to me all the time?

Yes, you can disable Siri on the Home Pod by stating “Hey Siri, stop listening!”, or through the Home app. There is no devoted turn on the Home Pod to do this. Once you have actually shut off Siri, you can just restore it utilizing the Home app on your iPhone or iPad.

Can I see my history of Siri interactions?

Apple hasn’t carried out any method to let you take a look at your history of interactions withSiri You can ask the assistant to repeat what was stated to it last, however this is minimal to a couple of minutes.

Is there a method to erase my interactions with Siri through the Home Pod?

Yes, you can erase your Siri interactions through the Home Pod by going to Siri History> > Delete Siri History from the Home Pod settings on your Home app.

Can I combine 2 Home Pod speakers to get stereo noise?

Yes, Apple has actually carried out stereo pairing on the Home Pod through Air Play 2. This allows a 3D surround-sound experience.


The Apple Home Pod might be a helpful buddy for iPhone and Apple Music users who require a clever speaker priced listed belowRs 20,000 Sound output is great, and it does have numerous clever functions. It can’t be a replacement for a soundbar or Bluetooth speaker, and it will not work perfectly with non-Apple gadgets or services.

However, if you do not desire yourself to lock in the Apple environment, or have a more minimal budget plan, you can choose the Amazon Echo or Google Nest speakers, which have broader assistance for third-party gadgets and services, and are more versatile.

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