Apple Removes Police-Tracking App Used In Hong Kong Protests From Its App Store

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct 9 (Reuters) – Apple Inc on Wednesday removed an program that protestors in Hong Kong have utilized to monitor police moves, stating the program violated its principles since it had been used to ambush authorities and by offenders that used it to victimize residents in regions having no law enforcement.

Apple refused the crowdsourcing program,, before this month but reversed course last week, letting the program to look on its App Store. The acceptance drew a harshly worded commentary criticizing Apple from the Chinese Communist Party’s official newspaper, the People’s Daily.

Apple said in a statement that”many concerned clients in Hong Kong” contacted the company concerning the mapping program. Apple said it instantly started investigating the program’s usage and discovered it”has been used in a way that endanger law authorities and residents in Hong Kong.”

“The program displays police places and we’ve confirmed using the Hong Kong Cybersecurity and Technology Crime Bureau the program was utilized to target and also ambush authorities, threaten public security, and offenders have used it to victimize residents in places where they know there isn’t any law enforcement,” the announcement said.

Beneath Apple’s principles and rules, programs that meet its criteria to appear from the App Store have occasionally been eliminated following their release when they had been discovered to facilitate illegal activity or endanger public security.

In 2011, Apple altered its program shop to remove programs that recorded locations for drunken driving checkpoints not formerly released by law enforcement officials.

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