Avire to Tanta SC: ‘Whatever ages it takes, Sofapaka will get justice’ – Kalekwa

The Batoto ba Mungu boss insist they will never rest in their quest to win the transfer case surrounding their top striker

Sofapaka president Elly Kalekwa has maintained they will have not reached an agreement with Egyptian club Tanta SC to field striker John Avire.

The Harambee Stars forward has been at the centre of a transfer saga since this past year after that he snuck from the Kenyan club and tried to force a move to the Egyptian top division side.

On Tuesday, Tanta confirmed they had received a provisional International Transfer Certificate (ITC) from Fifa to start fielding the gamer, a decision Kalekwa now says they are uninformed of and will keep on to fight for their justice even if “it takes two years or even ages.”

“All we know our case against Avire move to Tanta is still with Fifa, we now have not agreed that they begin to use the player, we don’t know very well what the club is referring to, as Sofapaka we are uninformed but we hear Fifa have said he plays so it is not us as [Sofapaka],” Kalekwa told Goal on Friday.

“Fifa assert instead of the player staying in the cold, we allow him to play but when their league ends, then Avire will get back to Sofapaka and if they need to sign the player then we will put the figure we would like but not what’s being quoted.

“We have not asked for Sh4million or 10million for his services, I don’t know where that figure is originating from, we will put our right figure when the player returns to Kenya when a team comes for his services.

“Fifa have allowed the gamer to come out for Tanta, they have given him an ITC that we have never seen given to any player, they have cooked their things and now the club wants to make use of the player, I don’t know where Fifa got the guidelines from, it seems Tanta got an influencer inside Fifa who has helped them to get the provisional ITC but we will maybe not accept.

“The case will turn against both Fifa and Tanta if they try to use laws which are not in the game, what Fifa are doing is not right, they are trying to get the issue solved through short cuts but in the end, it will expose them badly, our case will continue until I get justice, even if it takes two years or ages from now, we will get justice.”

Kalekwa continued: “And as soon as if Tanta proceeds to field the player, I am aware Fifa will take action simply because they already have our case, things will change the moment they field the gamer, I will not just take the decision on the punishment that will be meted to the club but Fifa will definitely make a move because they curently have the case with them.

“I know Fifa have so many departments, they can even decide to create departments because of the interest of Tanta, to try help Tanta get the player, but all those short cuts will not work, it will backfire on them, we are watching them and I know Sofapaka will get justice.”

Kalekwa gave an illustration of this former Kenyan player John Njoroge, who left Yanga SC to sign for Sofapaka but later won a legal tussle with the Tanzanian giants, have been ordered to pay him Sh1million.

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“For example, when Njoroge abruptly left Yanga, he filed a case contrary to the club for wrongful dismissal and what I know it took many years before Yanga were fined by Fifa and asked to pay him heavily, and so they ended up paying the player,” Kalekwa continued.

“It will function as the same case with Avire, [Sofapaka] aren’t in a hurry, I’m not financially broke or hungry to say I don’t have money for food, an incident can take even two years but one day, even when it is ten years from now, I will get the justice, whatever they try to do even when using short cuts, let them keep on, but I am aware I am following a rules as stipulated by Fifa plus one day I will smile again.”

Avire was among the players who featured for the Harambee Stars at the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations finals held in Egypt, where Kenya failed to make it after dark group stage after losing to Senegal and Algeria but managed to get a win against Tanzania.