Barcelona looking to to cut wages with La Liga suspended due to coronavirus

The Catalans have actually submitted an ERTE that will certainly see the wages of both gamers and also club personnel cut throughout the pandemic

Barcelona have actually verified they will certainly make decreases in wages for every one of their personnel due to the interruption triggered by the coronavirus pandemic.

Spain has actually remained in a state of alarm system considering that March 14 and also continues to be among the nations to be worst-hit by the spread of Covid-19, with 4,154 verified fatalities.

La Liga has actually been suspended forever, with the RFEF having actually revealed on Monday that specialist football in Spain would just return to when the federal government offer the consent.

It was reported on Wednesday that Barca’s team declined to take a 70 percent pay cut and also the club, after a conference of the board, have actually currently verified they have actually submitted a Temporary Employment Regulation File (ERTE) procedure.

The ERTE will certainly affect both sporting activities personnel– consisting of the guys’s elderly team and also all specialist groups– and also non-sports personnel.

“Among the measures adopted, it’s worth noting those related to the workplace are motivated by the need to adapt the contractual obligations of the club staff to the new and temporary circumstances that we are experiencing,” a Barca statement read.

“It has to do with the discussion of the various family member data in the showing off area (football and also various other specialist sporting activities), along with for the remainder of the non-sporting employees.

“These data will certainly be refined prior to the Treball Department of the Generalitat de Catalunya, as soon as the club has actually shared all facets relevant to these actions, and also their range, with all its personnel, both showing off and also non-sporting.

“Basically, it is a decrease of the functioning day, enforced by the situations and also the security determines performed, and also, consequently, the symmetrical decrease of the commission offered in the particular agreements.

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“Measures that the club wants to implement scrupulously follow the formal labour regulations, under the criteria of proportionality, and above all fairness, and with the sole objective of resuming the activity of the club as soon as possible.”

Barca have actually likewise revealed a variety of efforts they are releasing in an effort to assistance fight the pandemic.

Club centers have actually been offered to the Health Department of the Generalitat de Catalunya, while the Barca Innovation Hub has actually been opened up as a study centre for neighborhood medical facilities and also facilities.

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