Bay Area Police Release Body Cam Footage of Controversial Arrest – NBC Los Angeles

The Alameda Police Department launched body cam footageFriday
of an encounter that occurred in between 4 of its officers and a black guy.
apprehended outside his house throughout his early morning workout regimen.

The occurrence drew issue on social networks as another example.
of extreme force at the hands of police.

Mali Watkins, 44, was briefly apprehended by Alameda police.
officers on May 23.

” I stated ‘hey my cars and truck is parked 3 cars and trucks up, that is where I.
live,'” statedWatkins “I actually asked him I stated,‘officer what was I doing?’
He stated, ‘you were dancing.’”

Alameda City Manager Eric Levitt launched a declarationFriday
stating an independent examination of the occurrence will happen.

Transparency, he stated, is necessary inAlameda


“It’s taken me 44 years to get to this point, a lot of mess.
ups, lots, a lot of hurting, a lot of objecting, a lot of advocacy. It’s time.
to recover guy,” Watkins stated.

He discussed forwarding the citation he got from the.
officers to his legal representatives however was uncertain with his next relocations.

Meanwhile, next-door neighbors have actually revealed random acts of compassion and.
assistance for him.

“It’s our neighborhood, you need to feel safe,”
next-door neighbor Tom Faris stated.

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