Beijing Asks Cambodia to Send Accused Chinese Home for Trial

China’s embassy in Cambodia has requested assistance in the Cambodian authorities in arresting Chinese nationals That Are suspected of committing offenses in the Southeast Asian nation, also deporting them back to China, officials told RFA’s Khmer Service

The embassy advised the Cambodian federal police it needed both to shield innocent Chinese in Cambodia, in addition to stop kidnappers from tarnishing the standing of Chinese from the nation.

Sar Thet, the deputy national police chief and leader of the Phnom Penh police division, told RFA that the embassy requested for stronger cooperation in safety from concern for Chinese investors and tourists becoming targets of violence and kidnapping perpetrated by Chinese.

Hu Wei, the manager of this embassy’s overseas Chinese affairs office, made the request when meeting Chief Sar Thet from the Cambodian capital on Monday.

“He wishes to [enhance] that our [collaborative] working relations so the embassy could track Chinese nationals that come [to Cambodia] for travel or investment,” Sar Thet explained.

The police chief said that throughout the conversation, he and Hu agreed to an exchange of police employees between both countries, so they are prepared to preserve safety in Cambodia, since there had been lots of recent offenses committed by Chinese at Phnom Penh and Preah Sihanouk state.

It is due to those”poor Chinese” which Hu asked for aid in arresting them in order that they may face punishment in China.

“Chinese happen to be violent and perpetrated other offenses in Phnom Penh and Kompong Som. They’re drunk and argumentative, and they commit crimes in Phnom Penh, so we employed the legislation and [Hu] affirms our authorities,” said Sar Thet.

China’s ambassador didn’t respond to a request for comment in RFA.

Circumventing local law

Am Sam Ath, deputy manager of Cambodian rights team LICADHO stated it was incorrect to send Chinese accused of crimes in Cambodia to China to face trial.

“If [they] broke the law [in Cambodia] and therefore are just shipped back to China without needing to face trial under Khmer law, they will not have a reason to fear that the legislation [while in Cambodia]. It won’t be implemented efficiently,” he explained.

He explained the Chinese nationals who commit crimes in Cambodia must be sentenced in Cambodia. Just after meeting their paragraphs laid out in Cambodian courts can they return to China, and in China’s digressionthey are researched further and sentenced in Chinese courts when other offenses are disclosed, Am Sam Ath explained.

Hu’s petition was created a couple of days before authorities in Kandal province detained three Chinese and rescued a Chinese victim of kidnapping on Wednesday.

Provincial Police Chief Eav Chamroeun told local press that the 3 suspects kidnapped the victim, they then attempted to escape Phnom Penh, where they’re staying.

Chamroeun explained the 3 suspects had compulsory 200,000 Yuan (U.S. $28,487) at ransom, but the victim consented to provide them just 50,000 Yuan (US$7,121) to be published.

The police chief said the arrest was made after police detected that the victim raised his cell phone from a window. The telephone exhibited a translated message which stated the three suspects were kidnapping him.

Police promptly stopped the car and detained the three suspects, subsequently captured evidence including many weapons, two passports and a few records.

The 3 suspects were attracted to the provincial police station for questioning. Authorities are still building the case against them, ” the chief said.

supplied by RFA’s Khmer Service. Translated by Aun, Pheap. Written in English from Eugene Whong.

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