Best Universities in Germany to Achieve English Master Degree

It is not necessary to know German to study higher education in Germany. There are plenty of options for students who want to complete an English master programs in Germany. A student can complete a master’s in English even in Applied Sciences in Germany. There are wide varieties of academic disciplines of Master’s programs that are taught in English in German. Examples of such academic disciplines are international Relations, Business, Engineering, etc. The only problem is the state universities have higher entry conditions and these universities mix German courses with lectures held in English. That’s why International students of applied sciences and business studies of master’s degree often choose private universities. These private universities have flexible admission requirements as these universities are more internationally oriented. These universities are expensive sometimes.

List of German Universities that Offer English Master’s Programs in Germany

As mentioned before, Public Universities of Germany offer an English-taught degree but a few mixed with German. An English-speaking student can study in These universities as almost all the time the lectures are offered in English. If someone wants to pursue Master’s programs in German school can follow the list below. 

IUBH University of Applied Sciences

The University is international, they provide lectures in English. Furthermore, they have a large set-up of partner universities internationally. The campus is multicultural. Hence, they offer internationally relevant course content. The University values practical knowledge. The university features Internships, lecturers, and professors from the commerce world and trips to well-known business partners. The University provides outstanding career opportunities for years as they have a good corporate network, high-quality career services.

Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich

The university has a wide range of standard academic profile from the law, economics, and cultural sciences, the humanities and natural sciences to social sciences, medicine. LMU Munich has eighteen faculties and huge library systems. An English-speaking student can complete a master’s degree in the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich easily as the infrastructure of the university is friendly to international students.

University of Freiburg

An English-speaking student can complete a Master’s degree in a wide range of subjects. They can study Humanities, Engineering & Technology, Business & Management, Agriculture and Forestry, Environmental Studies & Earth sciences, Computer Science and It, Natural Science & Mathematics for Master’s degree in this university. It is part of a global network that has more than 300 partnerships of high-status higher teaching institutions on all 5 continents.


This University has the Global Student Satisfaction Awards in 2019. The university has a rating of 4.6 out of 5 for student diversity and 4.2 out of 5 for the quality of student life. The university offers a master’s in a diverse range of subjects. A student can apply for 11 types of Master’s degree in Natural Science and Mathematics. Applied Statistics, Molecular Biology, Physics, Neurosciences are some examples of such a Master’s degree in Natural Science and Mathematics. A student also can pursue a master’s degree in Social sciences, Humanities, Environmental Studies & Earth sciences, Medicine & Health, Computer Science & IT, Business & Management. There is a total of 8 Master’s Degree in Social Sciences that are taught here in English. The list of these 8 master’s degrees in Developmental, Neural & Behavioral Biology, Inter culture Theology, International Economics, North American Studies, Development Economics, Euro culture, Modern Indian Studies. Besides that,

Hochschule Bremen -International Graduate Center

The university offers postgraduate education in English that is appropriate for job requirements. The university offers 18 types of master’s degrees in English. Some examples of subjects of master’s degrees are M.B.A. in European- Asian Management, M.B.A./M.Sc. in International Dual Degree in Management in Emerging Economies, M.A. in European Studies, M.Eng in Aeronautical Management, etc. A student can also pursue M.B.A. in International Tourism Management and Global Management.

Private Universities for Master’s Program in English in Germany

Private universities that offer master’s programs in English in German are as follows.

EIT Digital Master School

If a student wants to pursue computer science and digital-related master’s, then this is one of the best options.

ESMT European School of Management and Technology

It is a business school that offers a wide range of master’s degrees in English. The Berlin-based business school offers MBA, MIM and EMBA study programs in English.


Entry Requirements for English Master’s Programs in Germany

There are some basic requirements for admission to English programs in Germany. These are as follows.

  1. Motivation Letter
  2. IELTS/ good command in the English Language
  3. Resume
  4. Proof of required Education criteria

All documents should submit their documents to the German Universities along with their translations. These documents should be submitted in the form of officially certified copies. A few universities need an apostille but most of the universities only ask for notarial certification.

Tuition Fees

There is a zero Tuition fee in a state university but a student needs to have at least 8000 EUR in a bank account to get a visa. The amount ensures that the student can cover compulsory fees, termly student’s ID card fee, cost of accommodation and textbooks, etc. Tuition Fees of Private German Universities can go up to $36000 for “non-consecutive” master’s degrees who have completed a bachelor’s degree outside Germany. 


Hence, many top-ranked German universities offer English-taught Master’s and research levels study programs. Germany is one of the prominent countries to complete a master’s degree. There is a wide variety of English Master programs in Germany. Germany is well-known for a generous approach towards Masters and Ph.D. Degrees. 15 out of 16 states of Germany provide higher education at no tuition fees without any bar of nationality. A student gets an enormous opportunity to learn German simultaneously over the years. This will help the students to expand social awareness, earn some money and get a visa in the future. The universities of Germany are exceedingly applauded and qualified because as per World Universities’/ ARWU ranking, 18 of the top 200 universities around the globe are German.