Body Cam Footage Moments Before Rayshard Brooks’ Shooting Shows Man Cooperative With Cops

UPDATED, 5:55 pm PT: Rayshard Brooks’ autopsy results were just released on Sunday afternoon, so when expected centered on some of the videos at the scene, officials are confident the cause of death her was gunshot wounds to the trunk. According to the Fulton County Medical Examiner’s Office, Brooks suffered “organ damage and blood loss” from those gunshot wounds.

Interestingly, though, it sounds like the incident has already been being investigated as a homicide. The Fulton County District Attorney released a statement on Sunday that suggests as much, saying (below):

“Today, members of my staff had the unfortunate duty of witnessing the autopsy of Mr. Brooks as part of our continued investigation. Because this is a homicide investigation, there are several technical requirements that must be met before we are able to reach a decision. That includes the confirmation of the ballistics involved and obtaining a preliminary report from the Medical Examiner.”


Could they actually be on the right track for justice?!

We can only hope…


Body camera footage from the two police involved in the Rayshard Brooks shooting in Atlanta this week-end has been released, plus it shows a calm and cooperative Brooks talking with the officers in the minutes before his shooting.

As we reported yesterday, sadly, Brooks was killed after an altercation with two Atlanta cops who’d found him asleep in a Wendy’s drive thru. And as you can plainly see in the video (above), things start off plenty cordial between the man and officers.

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Officer Garrett Rolfe is shown at the start of the video, asking Brooks about drinking and pressing him to take a field sobriety test. Brooks in the course of time admits he previously a few drinks at his daughter’s birthday celebration, but that has been it. He even offers to the cops he could leave his car behind and walk home, though the officers decline that option and press further for field sobriety tests.

From there, things go further after the officers try to handcuff him, and the struggle ensues beyond that. As we reported earlier this weekend, Brooks appears to have grabbed one of the officers tasers at one point, before running away from them in an effort to break free. He turns around at one point while running, and is then shot three times.

Both of the officers, Rolfe and Devin Brosnan, have been fired by the Atlanta Police Department. As we noted late yesterday evening, too, the department’s chief has also resigned over the shooting. It’s unclear if (or when) the officers will soon be charged in Brooks’ death, but at the very least there needs to be a really independent, unbiased outside investigation into this whole thing.

What a tragedy, and just hours after his daughter’s birthday, believe it or not. Why does falling asleep in a Wendy’s parking lot have to turn into a death sentence in this country?!

Later over night, the Wendy’s at the biggest market of the altercation and death burned to the ground — but as you can plainly see below, some members of the community are calling foul as to who actually took part in destroying the building:

Hmmm… Some strange stuff on offer when it comes to who seems to be those destroying property in the last couple weeks… plus it ain’t the peaceful protesters!

What do U think about this whole situation, Perezcious readers?

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