Cam Heyward comes to defense of Quenton Nelson over criticism

Cam Heyward came to the defense of Quenton Nelson on Twitter.

Pittsburgh Steelers defensive tackle Cam Heyward had his way with Indianapolis Colts guard Quenton Nelson inside their Week 9 matchup last season.

Apparently, that has been enough to convince one NFL defensive assistant coach that Nelson was no further one of the top offensive lineman in the league. Cam Heyward disagreed.

This just shows the class that Heyward has both on and off the field. He didn’t need to say anything concerning the tweet, but he felt like Nelson was being disrespected over one performance. While they may be rivals on the field, it’s great to see Heyward stick up for still another player, specially when it comes from a veteran to a young child.

Cam Heyward stuck up for Quenton Nelson on Twitter.

We all understand that Nelson is really a top-tier guard in the NFL, but this shows just how much his peers respect him. It’s ludicrous to claim that one performance can undo every thing he has accomplished in his short career.

In only two seasons in the league, Quenton Nelson has made two All-Pro teams, an amazing achievement for such a young player. He also hasn’t allowed a sack in 30 consecutive games entering the 2020 season. In the same article that Heyward is referencing, ESPN ranks Nelson since the league’s most useful interior lineman.

Cam Heyward could have gotten the higher of Nelson on that day, but few can claim to have had similar games contrary to the All-Pro. It will be a great matchup to watch the very next time these teams meet, that may come this year. The Colts will go to the Steelers in Week 16. Who knows what playoff implications the overall game may have, nonetheless it we’ll visit a great matchup between two of the very best players at their respective positions who clearly have a ton of respect for starters another.