Cam Newton doesn’t make the Patriots the best team in the AFC East

The Buffalo Bills should be the favorites to win the AFC East in 2020

With Cam Newton signed, sealed and sent to the New England Patriots, fans in Boston happen to be dreaming of another day at the postseason and potentially to the Super Bowl. With all due respect to Newton, a former NFL MVP, are those fans kidding?

While there’s a lot of excitement surrounding Newton and his go on to the AFC East, let’s not pretend like the Pats are immediately the favorites to once again buying the division title. You simply can’t just write off the Buffalo Bills, folks.

FOX Sports radio host Colin Cowherd thinks Newton will help the Patriots win nine games and finish behind the Bills in the AFC East that suddenly might be a compelling race.

Injury concerns will surround Cam Newton through the duration of the season in New England

Are we forgetting that the Bills had an unreal campaign in 2019, and therefore are only planning to get better on offense after trading for stud receiver Stefon Diggs? Last fall, Buffalo shocked plenty of NFL fans, going 10-6 and earning a Wild Card spot. The Pats finished 12-4, obviously, leading to their AFC East crown.

However, because Newton is in town, that doesn’t mean New England is likely to be as electric as we’re used to seeing. The big question mark surrounding Newton is if he’ll be able to remain healthy for the full season, something he hasn’t been able to perform since 2017.

There’s a reason the Pats only signed him to a one-year contract. With most of his injury concerns, there’s a worry he might get banged up again. If that’s the case and the Pats need to turn to presumed No. 2 quarterback Jarrett Stidham, there’s just not a way New England will cruise to an AFC East title.

Regardless of who’s the starter for the Patriots, Buffalo only got stronger this offseason and is poised to send a solid message to the rest of the AFC this campaign. While Pats nation might be riding high at this time with the Newton signing, Josh Allen, Devin Singletary, Diggs among others will be ready to silence them in the coming months.