Can the Steelers truly compete with the Ravens in 2020?

The Pittsburgh Steelers hope they can unseat the Baltimore Ravens as the head of the AFC North.

Just about every analyst in existence is picking the Baltimore Ravens as the only other team in the AFC with to be able to take down the Kansas City Chiefs on the method to the Super Bowl. The Chiefs are the standard bearer, but the Ravens have the reigning MVP in Lamar Jackson and you will be motivated by a one-and-done output in the playoffs.

However, before they make it, the Ravens should be focused on their own division. Sure, the Cleveland Browns still have a ton of talent, but the Pittsburgh Steelers are the team the Ravens have to be concerned about in the AFC North.

The Steelers had certainly one of the most useful defenses in the league last season. It was so good, these were able to carry Mason Rudolph and Duck Hodges to playoff contention. They had more total turnovers than the New England Patriots (and almost every other team in the league), they only allowed 18.9 points per game despite having an offense that threw 19 interceptions, and they allowed less than 200 yards per game in the air.

Now, the Steelers are welcoming back a fully-healthy Ben Roethlisberger. He got hurt in Week 2 last season, so we are expecting him to be fully healthy. JuJu Smith-Schuster and James Conner are more used to their positions as the top skills guy. They signed Eric Ebron to offer Roethlisberger still another weapon. The offense should really be worlds better this season.

Look at the schedules of the Ravens and the Steelers. Baltimore needs to take on the Chiefs in Week 3, but the Steelers don’t have the defending Super Bowl champions on their schedule at all. Instead, they take on the Denver Broncos. They both have to enter a rough environment for the AFC East, with the Steelers taking on the Bills and the Ravens taking on the Patriots. That one’s pretty even.

Look at the Ravens away games. They continue the road against Philadelphia, Washington, Houston, New England, and Indianapolis along with their divisional opponents. There’s only 1 bad team on that schedule.

The Steelers, on the contrary, take on the New York Giants, Titans, Cowboys, Jaguars, and Bills. Again, only one bad team, but lots of other teams with more question marks than the Ravens schedule.

This season, the Steelers could very easily become the division winners in case a few things go right. Lamar Jackson needs to assembled another epic season to help keep the Ravens atop the conference. With the Steelers defense playing like it was, they just need Big Ben with an above average season and so they could be the division champions.