Can you go green at Christmas without becoming a Grinch?

Ever since the Daily Mail launched its colorful assault on single-use vinyl, I’ve already been on a mission to reduce.

Our family of five currently saves around 190kg of plastic waste each year (enough to fill an whole toilet ), but I know I will need to turn up the volume within the upcoming few months if I’m likely to get along with the amazing, weatherproof, unrecyclable Christmas surplus.

Happily, this Christmas seems set to be among the most eco-friendly , with supermarkets and department stores that provide plastic-free crackers, cards, packaging and wrapping, and large name eco-voices like Emma Thompson openly swearing to commemorate gifts altogether in an effort to minimise plastic waste and help protect the environment.

My family (husband Jonathan and three kids aged 17, 19 and 22) thankfully exist with no plastic bottles, bags and takeaway cups. )

They take the focused cleaning products, pet walk clutter selections, paper-wrapped loo rolls, block soap and electrical vehicle. However, I simply can not confront subjecting them to nut roast on Christmas Day, or wasting the whole joyous budget onto a charitable goat.

Ever since the Daily Mail launched its brilliant attack on single-use plastic, Louise Atkinson says she has been on a mission to cut back

Ever since the Daily Mail launched its colorful assault on single-use plastic, Louise Atkinson says she’s been on a mission to reduce back

Yes, I am dedicated to minimising my plastic usage, but at the face of constant climate modification gloom, it’s not been easy to get an acceptable middle route which permits me to hang on to some semblance of fashion.

When I was asked to check out among those newest Zero Waste Christmas Agents who have cropped up throughout the UK this season, I had been eager to discover whether I would be pumped into a sea of cotton and rope-work artefacts, or if I actually can do all my Christmas shopping, plastic–totally free, at 1 area.

Mel Fisher, the event’s organiser, guarantees me that plastic-free presents do not need to be brownish, scentless, dull and worthy. 

‘Independent manufacturers are producing amazing products from things we’d have considered crap, like bottles, tyres and stalls. You would not understand it, since they’re so amazing ‘

The London event is kept at a warehouse at edgy Shoreditch. At first glance, it appears like some other craft fair, with stallholders assembled supporting tables. 

There is a different’hippy’ vibe, and it’s clear the search to reduce plastic necessarily puts you in buying category that encompasses organic veganism, if you want it or not.

After resisting the charms of this mulled wine pub (dismissed if you bring your own cup, and then refusing to become distracted from the odor of marinated tofu and mung beans, then I’m attracted to a stall, Greener Habits (greener, promoting cotton make-up remover pads in a fairly pink draw-string pouch.

She was asked to check out one of the new Zero Waste Christmas Markets that have cropped up across the UK this year

She had been requested to check out among the newest Zero Waste Christmas Agents who have cropped up throughout the UK this season

This is excellent present for my kid (I secretly hope it may help heal her of her moist shampoo dependence ), which I purchase, along with a delicious-smelling good moisturiser in what resembles a shoe polish tin along with a lavender-scented pub that melts in to body lotion onto the skin (Almighty Balm, #5. 50, and strong Lotion, #7, from zero That is her Christmas stocking piled.

The pleasure of a industry is having the ability to touch, inhale and inhale, but I discover I have been stroking attractively soft, brightly colored wedges of fabric for quite a while until I realise they’re reusable panty liners.

At a second stall, I swoon in the yummy odor of body scrub sold in aluminum cans (Number 12, It is a wonderful idea, and also the staff supporting the brand promise me that in the event that you recycle the could in home, it’ll be back to the shelf within four to fourteen days. But you can not reseal the lid after opened. It is a still a work in progress.

I purchase a box of conditioning mask cubes (Number 12, Uk) for my own mother-in-law; a 25chopped glass jar of Fit Pit Man deodorant cream (#4, thegreen for my son, trusting it’s appropriately manly to tempt him away from his Lynx spray, along with a knitted bag to maintain all of the endings of soap collectively (#7. 99, for the husband, who’s always complaining about pieces of soap in the shower.

Though I’m a convert to strong shampoo, I’m convinced to try out a good hair conditioner (#15. 95,, which, I am told, will continue as long as two bottles of conditioner.

As I am getting in my stride, I place a item that prevents me in my tracks: compostable hens, which, I am educated, could be popped from the food noodle (#7. 75 for ten, ecco-verde.

When it comes to larger presents, I could select between a pocket or belt created by Elvis & Kresse from decommissioned fire-hoses (Number 41 and Number 75,, or a silver faux-leather backpack made from pineapples, however in #350 (, it is more of a vegetarian style statement than a plastic-free one. 

Cheaper are brightly colored bags created by Florence Piccinini out of off-cuts out of her grandparents awning business (Number 16, @awn_uk).

Gift wrap is a large attention in the plastic-free planet, since any glitter, glow or loaf of tape leaves wrapping paper unrecyclable, also there are lots of stalls selling cloth Christmas wrap. 

Some are enchanting, like squares of fairly organic cotton (pictured below left, from #7. 50,, that may also be utilized as napkins. However, I struggle to comprehend who’d cover #12 to get a sheet of gift wrap(albeit produced from recycled plastic bottles), that crackles like newspaper (Wrag Wrap,

Shoppers can break off to attend workshops, and that I know how to earn reusable Christmas crackers out of cloth off-cuts and toilet roll tubes. 

It is an enjoyable process, which, thankfully, does not need much artistic ability, but I am tired after creating only one. You would need substantial commitment and commitment to make a complete set, however, conveniently, you can purchase six to #30 out of

There is no doubt that an occasion such as this is a smart window store for plastic options that have not yet made it into the mainstream shops.

However, be honest: how a lot of people in your lifetime would take a zero-waste present without wondering if you may be making some sort of judgment in their planet-destroying customs?

Yes, little presents are a fantastic way to present nearest ones to smart new goods, but you will find a massive selection at online shops like and without needing to head out to a marketplace.

I choose to offset some of my cynicism by simply purchasing a Guppyfriend washing tote (#25,, which accumulates the microfibre particles drop by man-made garments during a clean.

It is not exactly the type of gift I’d contribute to somebody else (and I would believe it clearly strange if it had been given to me personally ), but possibly the microplastics it rescues in the sea will, in part, help make up for your flashy excess of tinsel in my Christmas tree.


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