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Latin America has created its own heroes and heroines to face the coronavirus pandemic. Just as in Mexico Susana Distancia teaches about physical space to avoid contagion, in Colombia Captain Cuarentena appeared, a seasoned superhero somewhat confused by his new mission: to stay at home and save the world without leaving it.

The very creators of the Public Life Show, an acclaimed web series among millions of teenagers, brought to life this burly, mustached superhero who has had to learn to do housework and take care of his family. While his wife, the true heroine of the house, goes to work. Like many women who are in the first line of care, she is a doctor and cares for those infected by the virus that in the series is called infectron.

“Through creativity we unite to accompany people in the days of isolation in the world, we want to bring fun and humor to homes, promoting the message ‘staying home saves lives’ and leaving a positive message, the favorite phrase del Capitán and his promise to his followers: #DeEstaSalimos ”, explains Tatiana Zabala, Executive Director of the animation studio

Humor is the key to this series where nothing is random. Captain Quarantine is surrounded by decisive women: in addition to his wife, a doctor; There is the Madam President, who gives him the missions he must fulfill; and the adolescent daughter who is the one who lands her father in reality and teaches him to put on his face mask without getting his mustache itchy.

He faces the everyday monsters of isolation – stress, depression, anxiety, and fear – as a way to tackle mental health issues. But also to villains such as Madame Fake News, one of the greatest dangers for those who are in quarantine and communicate through their social networks or receive false news channels on WhatsApp.

Captain Quarantine’s awkwardness laughs among his followers on Instagram and YouTube, where he already has more than 100,000 views. In the series, this superhero learns how to wash clothes well, understands that housework is hard and, as he says now, “you think you sweep well until you mop.” He tells of “super adventures” like going to the kitchen for a bite to eat and his desire for super quarantine powers like “eating without gaining weight” or “making the market last at least a month.”

“In this strange moment that we are experiencing around the world, we want to bring out the positive side, inviting in a comical and entertaining way to think about this moment, the challenges that it presents us and to call on the public to save the world from home. Through humor we can learn a lot, while at the same time lowering the tension that these days generate for us ”, says Karlos Montoya, creator of Captain Quarantine, a superhero who will continue with new missions even after the countries are ending quarantines. “Now the challenge he will take on is intelligent distancing, because he will be able to start dating but with new care missions,” adds Zabala.

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