Cardi B Slams Celebs Getting Pricey Coronavirus Tests, Calls Out Government

Cardi B is testing the Trump management’s unsupported claims regarding the coronavirus pandemic as well as calling out celebs that have the “luxury” of paying to obtain themselves evaluated when other individuals can not also pay for healthcare.

“The general public ― people that work regular jobs, people that get regular paychecks, the middle class, the poor ― they not getting treated like … celebrities. They’re not getting their fucking coronavirus results the next day,” the rap artist claimed in an enthusiastic four-minute video clip published on Instagram.

The 27- year-old claimed she understood a person under 30 that had chilly signs and symptoms yet could not be evaluated unless they were unwell for 8 days. She additionally kept in mind that individuals in their “40s, 50s, 60s” that have signs and symptoms as well as do obtain evaluated are still being sent out residence to await their outcomes.

“What do they think they’re sending people home to? Not everybody have the luxury to go in they fucking bedroom and to go in a big-ass house and just stay away from people. People live in small-ass apartments. A lot of people live in small-ass apartments with multiple people,” she claimed. “So it’s like, if you’re sending me home and I have the corona fucking virus, I’m most likely gonna give it to my spouse, my kids, anybody that’s around me.”

The “Please Me” vocalist after that defined exactly how “celebrities have the luxury to pay $34,000 or whatever the fuck it costs to get tested and get treated,” while poorer individuals do not have that choice.

“A lot of these people, they don’t fucking have that money. Some people don’t even have enough money to fucking afford health care,” she claimed.

She additionally had some selection words for the UNITED STATE government: “I feel like for coronavirus treatments, for testing, for all that shit, I feel like the government should take that shit, should charge that shit to the game, and not charge people for it. This shit could’ve been prevented.”

Many celebs have actually disclosed they have actually evaluated favorable for COVID-19, the health problem triggered by the coronavirus, yet tests are still tough ahead by for the ordinary individual. As The Guardian placed it, “the rest of us wait: not just for tests, but for the after-effects that a lack of testing will bring upon our communities, and upon the communities of those we love.”

Cardi B hasn’t avoided being extremely singing regarding the coronavirus on social networks, sharing her worries of the pandemic in both major as well as funny means. DJ iMarkkeyz launched a track called “Coronavirus” that’s a loophole of her shouting, “Coronavirus! Shit is real! Shit is getting real!” readied to a catch beat.

According to NPR, the track initially damaged “into the pop charts internationally in Bulgaria and Brazil and then rose into the iTunes store’s top 10 in the United States shortly thereafter.”

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