Carlisle man facing charges for deliberately coughing near elderly victim in grocery store

Daniel Tabussi, 57, is facing charges after purportedly buffooning an elderly victim for using a mask and also deliberately coughing near the victim.

CUMBERLAND AREA, Pa.– A Carlisle man is facing charges after purportedly coughing in close closeness to an elderly resident and also informed the victim that he had “the coronavirus.”

Daniel Tabussi, 57, is facing assault and battery by physical threat, disorderly conduct and also various other relevant charges after the event.

On March 20, authorities claim an occurrence took place at the Karns Grocery Store in the 1700 block of Spring Road in North Middleton Township.

Authorities claim an elderly resident that is presently recovering from pneumonia mosted likely to the store throughout their Seniors-Only hrs while using a clinical face mask and also clinical handwear covers.

During that purchasing journey, Tabussi purportedly came close to the victim and also deliberately coughed in close closeness to them.

Authorities claim that Tabussi made various coughing seems while grinning and also giggling.

He likewise purportedly buffooned the victim for using the mask, and also informed the man continuously that he “had the coronavirus.”

Now, Tabussi is facing charges for his duty in the event.

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