Carmelo Anthony’s Letter to Future Kings and Queens

Led by Guest Editor Carmelo Anthony, SLAM’s brand-new publication concentrates on social justice and advocacy as translucented the lens of basketball. 100 percent of earnings will be contributed to charities supporting problems affecting the Black neighborhood. Grab your copy here.

P.E.A.C.E. youngin’–

You might feel stuck. You might feel lost. You might be puzzled. I make sure you have numerous concerns. The unidentified is what keeps you up in the evening, however I desire you to understand your ideas are POWERFUL. Believe me when I state this, you will survive this fog and unpredictability. Know you can do anything you set your mindto Learn to trust your impulse. Get rid of that doubt. challenge your worries, conquer them and make them your strengths. Your situations do not specify who you are as a boy, particularly a black young boy. It’s tough for me to inform you not to hesitate. I’m still scared.

The battle of life is, and constantly will be, a resist your own weak point. Will you end up being afraid and believe, “I can’t do this. I’m certain to fail”? Or will you challenge the problems that lie ahead with the guts of your convictions and inform yourself, “I AM STRONG! oh, and by the way, I’M BLACK AND I’M PROUD”? You’re most likely questioning whether you can end up being more powerful still. Your fate in life will differ significantly depending upon the spirit that you keep and where you enable it to take you. Just like anything else in life, there will be excellent and there will be wicked. The secret remains in how you work to get rid of that evil, and harness that energy to turn it into power.

Remember these words: LOVE, HELL and RIGHT. If you like it, you will go through hell and with time and persistence you will come out right!!!!!!

As long as you understand that, you will be able to select the chicken from the chicken bones. (I understand, that’s deep.)

Growing up, I constantly believed it was cliché when individuals informed me, “Life is what you make it” or “Be all you can be.”

Now that I’m smarter, I comprehend just how much those words affected me. I desire you to understand you are the future. No, actually– you are the future!


100 percent of earnings from SLAM’s brand-new problem will be contributed to charities supporting problems affecting the Black neighborhood. Grab your copy here.

Photos by Atiba Jefferson