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CNN's Alisyn Camerota brings together six people who voted for President Trump in 2016. They discuss his leadership, racial unrest, and if he will leave office. #CNN #News
5. Karen Bass: It's uniquely possible that had Biden made the pick 10 days ago, this California congresswoman (and former speaker of the California Assembly) would have been the choice. Those twin controversies appeared to have dimmed the glow around Bass. But according to a series of published reports, she...
In this week's edition of 'Unfiltered from Home,' host SE Cupp discusses presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden's pick for vice president, which has yet to be announced. Cupp, a conservative, says she may vote for Joe Biden because she's so sick of President Donald Trump's behavior. #SECupp #CNN #News
His comments come just one day after he signed a memorandum that would require states to agree to enter into a financial arrangement with the federal government for any unemployed person living there to get any of the additional benefits. Under the memorandum, the federal government would require states...
CNN's John King breaks down the national trends from the coronavirus pandemic, where 32 states have seen their daily case numbers increase in the last week and only four have declined. #CNN #News
Watch Now: Fall CFB Season Won't Be Played, According To Two Power Five AD's (8:49) ...
This video is a re-upload to correct an error in the date shown on-screen. President Donald Trump told Americans that they need to wear a mask to help combat Covid-19, even though recent video from a campaign fundraiser shows him not following his own advice. #Trump #CNN #News
He was able to flip the script on Democrats and accuse them of obstructing expanded unemployment benefits rather than explain his own administration's unwillingness to allow a more generous extension. But the actual details of what he did -- and questions about how many people it would help -- left...
CNN's John King explains the latest US election polls that show former Vice President Joe Biden extending his lead over President Trump. #CNN #News
"As a result of our being informed of nine cases of Covid-19 at North Paulding High School following the first week of in-person instruction, along with the possibility that number could increase if there are currently pending tests that prove positive, we have consulted with the Department of Public...