Challenging for pole “ultimate target” in Bahrain

The achievement handicap system has put Ginetta in a favourable position in comparison with its LMP1 competitions Toyota and Rebellion, which can be both heavily penalised in Bahrain.

The Rebellion R-13’s functionality was pegged back . 36s after its maiden on-the-road success in Shanghai, although the 7 Toyota was struck by a two. 51s punishment along with the #8 TS050 Hybrid was slowed down by two. 72s.

In contrast, the 5 Ginetta G60-LT-P1 has just obtained a handicap equal to 0. 24therefore, although the sister Team LNT automobile is conducting no ballast in any way, courtesy of being the last-placed LMP1 vehicle in the standings.

Robertson and his Ginetta teammates Ben Hanley and Jordan King topped the very first clinic in Bahrain on Thursday, before finishing second to this only Rebellion R-13 at FP2.

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Robertson, who stated last month which Ginetta can aim a”large result” at Bahrain, considers the rate his squad has revealed in practice which makes it a prime contender for rod at Friday’s qualifying.

“In Shanghai we revealed a few really very powerful pace for our equally automobiles,” Robertson said after initial practice. “Ben and I had been directly away in the very front in the opening stint. 

“We heard a lot about exactly what is needed to direct a race and clearly learnt how handling tyres since from the next stint Toyota came back to us. 

“So we’re currently looking today to maintain the tyres at a much better window and we understand that here in Bahrain the thermal degradation is significantly tougher as well. 

“I believe we have come with a true prospect of powerful result this weekend and hard for pole at qualifying is our final goal.”

#1 Rebellion Racing Rebellion R-13 - Gibson: Bruno Senna, Gustavo Menezes, Norman Nato

Number 1 Rebellion Racing Rebellion R-13 – Gibson: Bruno Senna, Gustavo Menezes, Norman Nato

Photo by: Rebellion Racing

Regardless of Rebellion being slowed down by over a second in comparison with both Ginettas, Gustavo Menezes stays optimistic about the Korean team’s prospects in Bahrain, especially using Toyota unlikely to incorporate at the struggle.

“Clearly I believe Shanghai was a little special,” Menezes said. “Regardless, I believe we could finally find the success handicap coming to play. And I think that it’s very important to the tournament in addition to for us to possess motivation and also to find there is a option to battle. 

“Leaving Shanghai and coming to Bahrain of course, it is another circuit to start with. So the qualities of the circuit suits the car otherwise.  

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“And of course the achievement handicap we could sense it instantly, shifting the equilibrium of the automobile too.  We’re still hoping to apprehend the way we could sort of get the vehicle exactly where we would like to be. 

“However, I think that it’s going to be a fascinating race. Only looking at it using the stats and at which the EoT and achievement handicap ought to be I feel that the boys on the right [Ginetta] must be rather robust but we will do what we could to have a solid race.”

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