Chidiac flying the Australian flag at Atletico Madrid with Chelsea in her sights

The young Aussie has actually experienced an unstable year however is in a perfect position to turn her dreams into truth

At simply 21, Alex Chidiac is no complete stranger to pressure, the young Matilda has actually been carrying out on the huge phase because she was a teen.

Chidiac made her launching for the nationwide group when she was simply 16 and has actually been playing competitive football for over 6 years.

Yet in the last 18 months, she’s dealt with a few of the greatest difficulties in her young profession. And she hasn’t been on the pitch for over half of it.

Chidiac was the most current visitor on Sporting News’ Remember The Name podcast and spoke in- depth about her football life to date.

In specific, she opened about her dream transfer to Europe, the distress of losing out on the 2019 Matilda’s World Cup team and coping with a severe injury throughout the COVID-19 break out.

For the long-lasting Chelsea fan, playing football in Europe has actually constantly been an objective forChidiac

“Football from a young age is all I ever wanted to do,” Chidiac stated.

” I was a huge Chelsea fan maturing so I wished to resemble DidierDrogba I was consumed with the Premier League.

“I remember one when Chelsea won the Champions League and it went into extra-time and Drogba got the winning goal, I absolutely lost it. It was the best thing. Every year I’d get a Chelsea kit from London, so I had all of the kits growing up.”

Every member of her household embraced a various group to support, producing a Premier League competition that would see them up at all hours of the early morning seeing football.

But that equated on the pitch for Chidiac, with her household and coaches thinking she had what it requires to end up being an expert footballer.

“When I was younger, I had the backing of everyone around me telling me ‘you are going to be a professional footballer’,” Chidiac stated.

“At the end of the day, they saw this was something I was super passionate about and it’s all I ever wanted to do.”

With helpful moms and dads pressing her every action of the method, Chidiac began rising the levels of Australian ladies’s football.

She bet junior representative groups, made her launching as a 15- year-old in the W-League for Adelaide United and was handed her very first nationwide cap for the Matildas at16

When she was 16, Chidiac had early conversations about relocating to Europe with an Italian side. But in 2018, she took her profession into her own hands and lastly made her dream relocation take place.

“It was something that I’ve always wanted to do is go overseas and play football,” Chidiac stated.

“A lot of that was watching EPL, La Liga and all the leagues overseas and being like ‘I want to do that’. As soon as I found out about that opportunity at that age I was like ‘how do I make that happen?'”

Chidiac got in touch with a representative who specialised in huge European relocations and after looking at a variety of clubs, Atletico Madrid ultimately won her signature.

At initially, she didn’t think that Atletico Madrid were interested in finalizingher

“I remember getting the email at 3am,” Chidiac stated.

” I looked at my phone, I do not understand why I awakened … I looked at my phone and put it away and believed ‘that’s not genuine’. The next early morning he [Chidiac’s agent] called me and went, ‘no, that’s legit’.”

After a number of weeks that consisted of getting the agreement equated and working out with the Matildas to let her play in Spain, she was all set to transfer toMadrid

“I didn’t know a lot of information about going over to Spain,” Chidiac confessed. “It was more, I have to do it because I can’t turn down Atletico.”

Chidiac wasn’t ever worried about the relocation not exercising due to the fact that she understood at such a young age, the experience would just assist her grow.

But she certainly was pressed outside her convenience zone in her very first couple of training sessions withAtleti

“I relied on two of my teammates, one from Italy and one from Portugal, if I didn’t have them that season I would have exploded in some sense,” Chidiac joked.

“The very first year, I’m not going to lie, it was excessive going on that I could not concentrate on the football things, it was more survival.

” I wished to know what I was doing in the drill, I wished to know what the methods were however it was never ever clear.

“Even going on the field, I didn’t a hundred per cent know what position I was playing or where they wanted me to do, it was more like I just had to go on and play.”

A testimony to her determination and identified character, Chidiac studied and made a Certificate II in Applied Language, so her Spanish has actually certainly enhanced.

And do not forget the 311 days directly onDuolingo While she was eagerly anticipating putting that to excellent usage, an ankle injury all of a sudden ruled her out of action.

And it’s been that method for the highlight of a year.

“It happened in September and it sucks because I was finally starting to gain a lot of momentum in training,” Chidiac remembered.

“The coaches were observing how well I was carrying out and I felt actually, actually positive.

” I understood immediately there was something incorrect with it, I constantly get up from deals with and I had never ever had an injury.

“I was told roughly one and a half months, so it wasn’t anything bad…but it ended up being nearly a full year now.”

The harmless difficulty from a colleague topped off what had actually been a frustrating 2019 for Chidiac, and one she’s still recuperating from now.

Earlier that year, Chidiac was the just fully-contracted Matilda to lose out on a location in their team for the 2019 WorldCup

“Being the only contract Matilda not to go, not to even be in the train-on squad leading up to it definitely hurt,” Chidiac confessed.

“Especially after the tough first season that I had in Spain. I feel like I could have made a decision there to just not give up, but I probably could have not worked as hard as I did to get back into a good state.”

Thanks to Covid-19, Chidiac discovered herself back in Australia as she continued to recuperate from her ankle injury.

Atleti even enabled her to invest some additional time here at house compared to the rest of the team, understanding it would assist with her rehab.

However, it wasn’t the simple travel story you may associate with a gamer from an expert football club like AtleticoMadrid

“There was no real precautions or anything happening in Spain,” Chidiac stated.

“Out of no place, I keep in mind one day where they resemble, ‘we’re going to close schools now’.

“Things were altering by the hour … and we resembled ‘what’s going on?’

“[The club] stated stay at house, they provided us a number of dumbells and workout bands and things to bring house with us, however we had no concept.

“And then on Monday, that’s when the full lockdown happened and we had to stay at home. The Army were patrolling the streets and the hospital that was packed, we lived across the street from it.”

Despite no choice being made on the Prim éra Division season, a variety of Atleti’s global gamers chose they wished to return house for their health and wellness.

“We technically could not [return home] due to the fact that we were still contracted,” Chidiac stated.

“At that point, it was 3 or 4 weeks in that I resembled ‘I require to get house’. I was actually upset due to the fact that a couple of days prior to was the last typical flight, typical being 23 hours rather than 45.

“So when I reserved that 45 [hours], I resembled ‘why am I doing this’. But undoubtedly it was certainly worth getting home.”

For Chidiac, at simply 21 she understands she has a great deal of her profession ahead ofher

But the durability and determination she has actually found out in the last 12 months are set to be the hallmark of her footballing design.

“To be able to bounce back to where I was before the injury, I was really, really happy with that,” Chidiac stated.

“I’m most pleased with the method I’ve had the ability to take things and keep progressing.

“Obviously a lot of highs but I was kind of prepared that I was going to go through some lows.”

The last 12 months has actually seen a string of prominent Matildas make the transfer to Europe, much like Chidiac did back in2018

Sam Kerr, Caitlin Ford, Lydia Williams, Steph Catley, Ellie Carpenter, the list goes on.

“It’s strange now, everyone’s coming to Europe…they can come hang out,” Chidiac chuckled.

“After the World Cup, all the girls saw that we struggled against European teams and the way that they played. If we want to get better as a national team, we need to be put up against that a little bit more than what we’ve been doing before.”

But it’s Sam Kerr’s transfer to Chelsea that has actually especially captured Chidiac’s attention and exposed a brand-new, long-lasting objective.

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“There’s a way for Australians now, let’s go,” Chidiac stated on a prospective transfer to Chelsea.

“That’s certainly something I’m expecting one day [playing for Chelsea], I’m not all set for it right now. I require to ensure I’m there at the best time where I can get the number 11, and whatever needs to form.

“I’m aiming for that as well. If I score a goal for Chelsea, honestly, it would be everything.”