Chris Cuomo Rips Into Trump’s ‘Fringe Righties’ For Wanting To Sacrifice Seniors

CNN support Chris Cuomo called out President Donald Trump and also “fringe righties” for the current talking factor in traditional media over the coronavirus pandemic: giving up seniors for the good of the economic situation.

Impatient with the closures and also social distancing guidelines that have actually delayed the economic situation, Trump stated Tuesday that he desires every little thing to resume byEaster

“Based on what?” Cuomo asked. “No expert backed him up on the Easter call ― not one piece of science, not one projection.”

Easter has to do with regeneration and also revival, Cuomo stated, and also resuming the nation in the middle of a pandemic would certainly be the reverse of that.

“More than 100 Americans died from coronavirus today,” Cuomo stated. “More than 700 total. The virus is accelerating.”

In current days, an expanding variety of traditionalists, consisting of some Cuomo rejected as “fringe righties,” have actually used up Trump’s phone call and also also stated it would certainly be ALRIGHT to finish the closures if it implied the country’s senior would go to threat. Earlier today, TexasLt Gov. Dan Patrick ( R) informed Fox News he was “all in” on running the risk of fatality himself for “keeping the America that all America loves.”

“Hmmm,” Cuomo stated. “Kill my grandparents or my moms and dads to make sure that we obtain the economic situation going. Sounds respectable!”

Cuomo rejected the idea as unreasonable.

“We don’t put a price on people’s life,” he stated. “And as a people, we should face things together because that is the only damn thing that’s ever gotten us anywhere.”

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