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The Palestinian Archbishop of Jerusalem’s Greek Orthodox Church, Atallah Hanna, has spoken out against the Israeli occupation and stressed that his support to the Palestinian people and lead, urging Christians throughout the globe to do exactly the same.

Talking exclusively to MEMO in the”First international Conference on Israeli Apartheid“, that occurred in Istanbul last week,” Hanna stated:”The city of Jerusalem is the city of the three Abrahamic religions…Christian and Muslim Palestinians residing in Jerusalem have problems with the job, suffer with repression, tyranny and oppression.”

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He emphasised the rising coverages Implementing apartheid from the sacred city and in the remainder of Palestine, saying:

The job in Jerusalem is treating us like we’re guests and foreigners in our very own city. This is actually the embodiment of apartheid policies and practices against our people in Jerusalem especially and in Palestine more commonly.

Hanna was firm in his commitment that the apartheid system imposed by the Israeli authorities — that divides Palestinians from Jewish Israelis and treats them as second-class citizens who don’t have equal rights like access to specific locations, jobs, resources and livelihood — won’t induce the Christians against town and from protecting the Palestinian cause and justice.

“We shall stay at Jerusalem, protecting our spiritual websites and endowments. We refuse the policies of this job. We won’t surrender. Our motto will always be: liberty and dignity for the Palestinian men and women. Our spiritual sites will stay ours. Jerusalem will stay ours.”

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He touched on the US support for Israel and it  not holding the Jewish nation to account over its violations of human rights and global law, including:”We refuse America’s unfair decisions that come in aid of Israeli policies as well as the job of Jerusalem.”

Archbishop Hanna had a powerful message for Christians around the world, reminding them that”In a couple of days, Christians will be celebrating Christmas all around the world. The streets and city squares will be adorned with lights, adornments and Christmas trees in Europe and the entire world. I want to remind all Christians all over the world: there’s not any use in observing Christmas if you don’t listen to what’s occurring in Palestine since it’s the birthplace of Christ and in which Christianity originated and spread its message across the world. The nativity grotto is in Bethlehem. The real light of Christmas emanated from Bethlehem.”

Hanna emphasized that Christianity’s origins in Jerusalem and in the land of Palestine signifies that oppression from the land which Jesus was born have to be fought and opposed, in place of the pro-Israel and Zionist position by which Christians in the West are believed to associate . The continuing Israeli occupation and the apartheid system that it enforces motivated the Archbishop to”call upon all of the churches of the planet, from the west and west, to desperately defend Palestine, the children of Palestine, and the Palestinian cause. Let’s opinion this Christmas be free Palestine and the Palestinian men and women.”

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