Cleanup continues across Putnam County after 18 people were killed in the violent storm

PUTNAM COUNTY,Tenn (WTVF)– Cleanup continues across Putnam County after 18 people were killed in the violent storm.

Days after the EF-4 twister hit Putnam county, volunteers are doing what they can to tidy up the damages of what remains of numerous residences.

“It’s been crazy, we’ve been finding things like dog food, toys,” claimed volunteer Crystal Moss, “personal items, so that’s been hard and humbling to see that, that this is where people lived their lives and pieces of their lives are scattered.”

Dozens of volunteers rallied around Tracy Savage, that hardly endured the twister’s rage. She directly ran away fatality by keeping her bathroom, and also a bit of confidence.

“I remember I was finally able to hold onto the bottom of the toilet with my arm, everything else kept being ripped out of my hands, I was just trying to grab whatever I can,” claimed Savage, “my house started crumbling, the roof came off, I didn’t want to get sucked up in it.”

The twister threw Savage from her washroom to her yard where she was later on found under items of her sink and also particles.

“There was glass all over my legs and arms, it was raining and cold, it was scary and then there was no one there to help us,” remembered Savage.

Savage damaged a rib, fractured her wrist, and also needed to obtain stitches from items of glass that reduced up her body.

She states she’s just been back to her house when considering that the twister hit due to the fact that seeing what remains is simply as well difficult. Luckily, she has next-door neighbors and also volunteers that have actually tipped up, to do the training when the injuries really feel as well hefty.

“Everybody has been so great,” claimed Savage, “I had no idea I was so loved.”

The roadway to recuperation will certainly be lengthy however if today has actually confirmed anything it’s that with each other we can make it through it.

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