Cleveland Browns should sign Cam Newton, and here’s why

Cam Newton might be just what the Cleveland Browns need certainly to finally turn things around. 

Cam Newton can be an elite starting quarterback, full stop.

He’s not just a backup, he’s not a quarterback past his prime or in need of going for a step back again to reset his career. Newton led a team to the Super Bowl in the last half-decade and remains many team’s most suitable choice to addressing one in 2020.

Even the Cleveland Browns.

Marcus Spears argued that the Browns definitely should sign Newton to both have the best quarterback situation they could and also safeguard against Baker Mayfield not living up to expectations.

“He can help teams have good seasons,” Spears said of Mayfield on Get Up. “But to think he’s gong to be a guy that will be championship level, I just don’t see it.”

As for Newton, a championship-level of play is something we’ve already seen.

“Cam Newton didn’t miss football because he couldn’t play quarterback,” Spears argued.

Why Cleveland Browns should sign Cam Newton in 2020

The biggest knock against Newton finding a deal, form crutch that there aren’t enough starting jobs available, is his injury history. Newton missed most of last season with a foot injury and has battled various other injuries throughout his career.

Most of those injuries have now been attributed to his style of play, which is mobile and headstrong. But lots of Newton’s injuries have resulted from either taking hits in bad offenses or scrambling to produce plays happen for the exact same reason.

Newton’s been hurt a whole lot in his career, that much holds true. But when he’s healthier, we’ve seen him scramble and make plays entirely to a Super Bowl.

Cleveland’s offense is explosive in some recoverable format and will be the most talent Newton has ever used hin his career. It could be the first-time in his already illustrious career we see a degree of play unlocked in Newton we have never seen before.

“When you line up the personnel for Cam Newton that Cleveland will have, he will take less hits,” Spears said. “I think this is a layup to sign Cam Newton and see where he can take you.”

An easy deflection to the Browns signing Newton could be the existence of Baker Mayfield on the roster. He was drafted No. 1 overall in 2018 to show the Browns around, something he had yet to do. Mayfield may have a bright future ahead of him, but you will find only seven teams in the NFL that Newton wouldn’t be described as a better quarterback than the current starter and the Browns are not on that list.

If divorcing it self from a habitually losing culture is what Cleveland really wants to do, then signing Cam Newton can be an absolute no-brainer.