CNN’s Jake Tapper Says There’s No Way of Knowing How Many Lives Affected By Trump’s ‘Many Lies’

CNN expert Jake Tapper claimed Wednesday that President Donald Trump was minimizing the coronavirus break out with “many lies” while additionally providing the general public an incorrect feeling of safety and security.

‘Many lies’

On his CNN program “The Lead” Tapper claimed, “As we pass 800 deaths and more than 61,000 confirmed coronavirus cases in this country, it is worth remembering what President Trump said almost one month ago today.”

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Tapper included a clip from February 26, in which Trump claimed, “When you have 15 people, and a 15 within a couple of days is going to be down to close to zero, that is a pretty good job we’ve done.”

‘There is no way of knowing how many lives were affected by that false sense of security that the president projected’

Tapper proceeded, “Tomorrow will be the one month anniversary of that statement from the president. That was clearly a false sense of security he was providing the nation. In keeping with the many lies, he has told the nation in order to downplay the virus and its risk. And oversell the Trump administration response with more than 61,000 cases in the U.S. – far more than 15, far more than zero.”

“There is no way of knowing how many lives were affected by that false sense of security that the president projected,” Tapper firmly insisted.

The Left’s Anti-Trump Agenda is So Transparent

Liberal reporters like Jake Tapper would certainly have a great deal even more trustworthiness if they had actually not made removing President Trump their key objective from the first day. CNN, if absolutely nothing else, has actually come to be practically particular in its objective to take the commander-in-chief down.

Tapper’s anti-Trump remarks can be found in the wake of a current Gallup survey that reveals 60 percent of Americans authorize of how the President is managing the coronavirus break out.

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Will Democrat allies like Jake Tapper efficiently weaken Trump as we inch better every day to 2020? Or will Donald Trump’s beneficial numbers remain to increase as Americans significantly translucent the left’s continuous publicity maker?

Time will certainly inform. So will certainly November’s ballot.

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