Comedian Rickey Smiley’s daughter shot multiple times

“I’m so mad right now, I don’t know what to do,” said Smiley, who hosts the “Rickey Smiley Show Morning Show” and is among the stars of “DISH Nation.” “The reason I’m on Facebook Live is cause I just want you to see that it’s raw and it’s real. I want you to see what parents have to deal with when their children become victims of gun violence.”

Investigators told CNN affiliate KTRK that following an altercation at a separate location, a suspect pulled up to car at a red light on Houston’s south side and opened fire.

Smiley’s daughter was in an alternative vehicle at the light, according to investigators, and was caught in crossfire.

Three other victims transported themselves to a hospital and all are anticipated to survive their injuries.

The radio host tweeted that his daughter had successfully caused it to be out of surgery.

“My daughter made it out of her operation, ” that he tweeted. “She’s doing great!!Thank you for your prayers!!!”

Aaryn Smiley, who turned 19 days before the shooting, posted an image of a blood drenched seat in a vehicle on Instagram.

“This is the most terrifying thing that has ever happened to me,” the caption read. “I won’t be out of the hospital for a while nor will I be able to walk for a while due to nerve damage.”

She also shared an image that appeared to have now been taken from a hospital bed.

“[T]he fact that the bullets that went thru my legs were armored riffled [sic] bullets built to go through anything at all (how these people got through the car) but the one [that] might have hit me in the pinnacle was not that kind and ended up lodged in the vehicle. God,” an email accompanying the picture read. “Words can’t describe how grateful i am to be alive right now.”

The teen also posted about being struggling to see her parents while hospitalized due to the Covid-19 pandemic, writing that she was “terrified.”

The elder Smiley posted a photo of himself wearing a mask, writing, “I respect the rules.”

“Can’t see my daughter @ryn.smiley because of #covid19… it’s getting dark and I’m not leaving this park until I lay eyes on her,” that he wrote. “#Houston (Thanks to the @HoustonPolice for being so awesome and kind to us.)”