Conservative Friends of Israel urge UK to oppose ICC’s war crimes investigation – Middle East Monitor

The Conservative Friends of Israel (CFI) has actually advised the UK federal government to straight oppose the International Criminal Court (ICC)’s choice to open up an investigation right into war crimes dedicated in the inhabited Palestinian region.

Writing to Prime Minister Boris Johnson and also Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab, elderly CFI authorities MP Stephen Crabb, Lord Pickles and also Lord Polak, suggest that “as a non-state actor the Palestinians do not meet the legal requirements of the Rome Statute”, according to a CFI news release.

In the letter, the Westminster entrance hall team recognizes that “the ICC is an important institution that the UK should continue to support”, yet after that takes place to declare that “the Court does not have jurisdiction over the territories”.

“We would urge the UK Government to join our close allies the United States, Australia and Germany in publicly cautioning against the politization of the ICC,” CFI proceeded.

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“The Palestinian request for ICC intervention seeks to exploit the Court, involving it in alleged crimes that do not meet the legal requirements of the Rome Statute,” the CFI specified. “This undermines the Israeli-Palestinian peace process by incentivising the demonisation and vilification of each side.”

Another disagreement made use of by CFI is to recommend that the ICC probe right into war crimes in the inhabited Palestinian region can have effects for UK militaries.

“An inquiry of this nature would also set a dangerous precedent that could lead to prosecutions against the brave men and women of our armed forces who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, initiated in the ICC by non-state actors,” the CFI letter states.

Today notes the due date for the UK, and also various other federal governments, “to request leave to file a written observation to the ICC”, CFI notes, advising the UK to do so, and also “raise important concerns about the ICC’s lack of jurisdiction over this matter and the dangerous precedent it would set”.

“The UK [should] stand with Israel versus this unsafe probe.”

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