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The United States continues to be the red light of covid-19 and already exceeds 580,000 infections with more than 23,600 deaths, the highest death rate in the world so far. New York State, the global red light of the pandemic, has recorded 752 new deaths in the past 24 hours, 26 fewer than in the last outage. The Latin American epicenter is in Brazil, which already registers 1,736 deaths. In Mexico, the number of infections has climbed to 5,847 and the death toll to 449. Ecuador already has 7,858 positive diagnoses and recognizes 388 deaths, but that number rises to 970 deaths if the patients who died from covid-19 are added as a cause. probable. There are more than two million infected in the world, according to Johns Hopkins University.

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  • The world exceeds 130,000 killed by the virus. Johns Hopkins University predicts much worse figures due to the lack of transparency in China and the lack of clarity of the diagnoses.
  • Donald Trump has announced that he will suspend funding to the WHO. The UN replies that this is not the time to freeze the agency’s funds and the WHO insists: “There is no time to lose. The only concern of the WHO is to help all peoples save lives. “
  • Peru accumulates 11,475 in infections.
  • Daniel Ortega reappears after more than a month of absence and assures that there is only one death in Nicaragua from covid-19.
  • Colombia already has more than 2,979 infections and 127 deaths.
  • The Pan American Health Organization announces that it will distribute three million tests on the continent before the end of April.

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