Coronavirus in America, live: latest news from Covid-19 | Mexico could have eight times more infections than that registered in the official figures | Society

America concentrates 40% of the global pandemic against Europe, which accumulates more than 52%. However, the daily increase is faster here, almost even in both parts of the world. The United States has overcome 14,000 deaths and is the red light of the continent, while in Latin America, Brazil accumulates the highest number of cases.

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In Mexico, the death toll has risen to 174 and confirmed cases to 3,181, although the Government has recognized that the black number could be multiplied by 12. In the country, partial and voluntary confinement is still in force – with shops closed – until 30 of April. In countries like Peru, Panama or Bolivia the quarantine is stricter and the governments deal with the health contingency and the fear of protests or looting. If you can’t see the narration live, click here.

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